Regional Advisors & Community Liaisons

Former board members are appointed as Regional Advisors to strengthen WDO’s presence in their region. They are key in leveraging the strength of our international membership, aligning their local design agendas to the aspirations of design for a better world.

The President may also appoint Community Liaisons for the duration of his or her term to provide the Board with an informed voice from a city, country or region. Working closely with the board member responsible for their region, they identify key individuals and resources to empower local design communities and connect them with the organization and its work.

Regional Advisors


Kazuo Kimura

Japan Industrial Designers’ Association (JIDA)
Nagoya (Japan)
t: +81 5617 5 2587

Kazuo Tanaka

President, GK Design
Japan Industrial Designers’ Association (JIDA)
Tokyo (Japan)

Judit Várhelyi

Professor, Tama Art University, Department of Product Design
BEDA Board member 2014-2016
Board member, Hungarian Design Council 2015-2018
Tokyo (Japan)

Tony Chang

Chief Advisor
Taiwan Design Center
Taipei (Taiwan, Chinese Taipei)
t: +886 2 2655 8199 ext.134

Wen-long Chen

Chief Executive Officer
Taiwan Design Center
Taipei (Taiwan, Chinese Taipei)
t: +886 2745 8199 ext.200


Nils Toft

Managing Director, Designidea
Naerum (Denmark)
t: 45 4085 9810

Tapani Hyvönen

ED-Design Ltd
Helsinki (Finland)
t: + 358 2 6519 6000

Fritz Frenkler

Managing Partner
f/p Design GmbH (Germany),
f/p Design Japan Inc.,
Chair of Industrial Design/Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM)
Munich (Germany)
t: +49 89 9090 1590

Dieter Rams

Kronberg (Germany)
t: 0172 6743008

András Mengyán

Artist, Designer, Professor
President, Art22 Foundation
Budapest (Hungary)
t: 00 36 20 4599107

Pierre-Yves Panis

Chief Designer
Philips Lighting
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Mary V Mullin

Chairman, Sir Misha Black Awards Committee
Royal College of Art
London (United Kingdom)

Michael Thomson

Design Connect
London (United Kingdom)
t: +44 (0) 7980 223 815

North America

Jorge Gómez Abrams

Winn Innovation
Monterrey (Mexico)
t: 521 811 230 6193

Nils J. Tvengsberg

Cuernavaca (Mexico)
t: +52 7773 15 78 87

Bruce Claxton

Professor, Design Management
Savannah College of Art & Design
Coral Springs, FL (United States)
t: +1 954 275 5539

David Kusuma

Vice President
Product Development and R&D Worldwide
Tupperware Brands Corporation
Orlando, FL (United States)
t: +1 407 826 8895

Gianfranco Zaccai

Design Continuum Inc.
West Newton, MA (United States)
t: +1 617 969 54 00


Vesna Popovic

Professor in Industrial Design
Queensland University of Technology
School of Design
Brisbane (Australia)
t: +61 7 3138 2669

Community Liaisons


Hicham Lahlou

Global designer, interior architect
Casablanca (Morocco)
t: +212 665 89 50 01

Jamie Abbas

Director of Innovation and Transformation
Cape Town (South Africa)
t: +082 411 7012

Azza Meknini Ayachi

Industrial Designer, Partner
Tunis (Tunisia)
t: +216 22 222 705

North America

Cristina Guzmán

Universidad de Monterrey
San Pedro (Mexico)
t:+52 81 82 15 14 06


Cathy Veninga

Chief Executive Officer
Designers Institute of New Zealand Inc.
Auckland (New Zealand)
t:+64 9 523 1407