General Assembly

Our General Assembly (GA) is held biennially, bringing together our leadership, membership and external stakeholders to discuss the progress of the closing two-year term and prepare for the incoming term’s activities.

The GA is the our highest authority with decisions taken exclusively by members – i.e.: corporate, educational, professional and promotional members. It addresses key issues affecting the industry, guides the future of the organization by electing new leadership, aligns the direction of the organization with the interests of both the membership and the wider international industrial design community, and sparks dialogue about the power of design to create a better world.

Read about our 29th General Assembly, held in Gwangju (South Korea).

The City of Torino, Italy, will be hosting the 30th General Assembly in 14-15 October 2017. Next year will mark 60 years as the international voice for industrial design. More information will be available to members by logging in.

Past Congresses and General Assemblies

2015** Gwangju (South Korea) – Design Connects
2013 Montreal (Canada) – Congress in Istanbul (Turkey) cancelled due to Force Majeure
2011** Taipei (Taiwan – Chinese Taipei) – Design at the Edges
2009 Singapore – Design Difference: Designing Our World 2050
2007 San Francisco (United States) – Connecting To People and Ideas
2005* Copenhagen (Prague), Oslo (Norway), Gothenburg (Sweden), Helsinki (Findland) – The Changing Role and Challenges of Design
2003 Hanover/Berlin (Germany) –  Reflecting Experience: Design Between Industrial Innovation and Enhanced User Services
2001 Seoul (Korea) – “Oullim” – The Condition of Being Undivided
1999* Sydney (Australia) – Viewpoint in Time
1997 Toronto (Canada) – The Humane Village
1995 Taipei (Taiwan) – Design for a Changing World – Toward Century 21
1993* Glasgow (Scotland) – Design Renaissance
1991 Ljubljana (Slovenia) – At the Crossroad
1989 Nagoya (Japan) – The Emerging Landscape: Order and Aesthetics in the Information Age
1987* Amsterdam (The Netherlands) –  Design Response
1985 Washington, D.C. (United States) – World Design
1983 Milan (Italy) – From Spoon to City, 30 years later
1981* Helsinki (Finland) – Design Integration
1979 Mexico City (Mexico) – Industrial Design as a Factor
1977 Dublin (Ireland) – Development Identity
1975 Moscow (Russia) – Design for Man and Society
1973 Kyoto (Japan) – Soul and Material Things
1971 Ibiza/Barcelona (Spain) – Seventh Congress
1969 London (United Kingdom) – Design, Society and the Future
1967 Ottawa/Montreal (Canada) –  Man to Man
1965 Vienna (Austria) – Design and the Community
1963 Paris (France) – Industrial Design – Unifying Factors
1961 Venice (Italy) – Towards an Aesthetic of the Invisible Design of Tradition
1959 Stockholm (Sweden) – First Congress

* Joint Congresses with Ico-D (formerly Icograda)
**Joint Congresses with Ico-D (formerly Icograda) and IFI