Denys Lapointe

BRP (Canada)

Board Member Nominee

First and foremost, I would like to say that I am personally fully aligned with the new vision of the World Design Organization established by the current and past board members. If elected on the board, I intend to contribute new ideas from the corporate world perspective to elaborate a step by step approach to help reach the WDO objectives.

It is my belief that, as ‘’Designers’’, we have a unique ability to be empathic towards the different industries and specific constraints and challenges that each country faces. This strength allows us to turn each of these challenging realities into economically viable opportunities and solutions.

In my current position, I make it a priority to engage young generations of future designers through numerous sponsorships, design contests, internships and schools boards in North America and Europe. I strongly believe in enrolling and leveraging their talent as unique thinkers of tomorrow.

As a final note, I wish to underline that I personally embrace the tremendous strength that lies within the diversity of the WDO in terms of gender, design disciplines, cultures and generations. It is within this richness that lays the ability to work together as a whole towards making our world a better world.

Member Organization

English and French


  • 1985 Bachelor in Environmental Design, University of Quebec in Montreal (Canada)
  • 1982 Art Classes, Bishop’s University, Lennoxville (Canada)
  • 1984 Pure & Applied Sciences, Champlain College, Lennoxville (Canada)

Professional Experience


  • 1985 Entry level Designer (Car project)
  • 1987 Chief Designer
  • 1988 Design Director
  • 1995 VP Design & Innovation


  • 2004 Executive VP of Design & Innovation
  • 2014 Senior VP of Design & Innovation and Corporate Image

Present Occupation

  • Senior VP Design, Innovation & Corporate Image at BRP
  • Member of WDO, ADIQ, ADIC, IDSA
  • Boards: CCS Advisory, CTA, La Factry
  • Inductee in NMMA / Canada Hall of Fame
  • Team awards 75 international Design Awards
  • 27 patents