Margaret Petty

Queensland University of Technology (Australia)

Board Member Nominee

Arguably, there has never been a moment more critical and more important than today for design to step forward and to provide the leadership necessary to shape solutions that will ensure the future of our planet, our environments and wildlife, and society as we know it. In the re-transformation of ISCID into the World Design Organization this mission is clear. Design must cross national borders, blur disciplinary boundaries to address the deeply rooted and complex challenges that characterize the 21st century. To do this successfully however, designers need to celebrate disciplinary differences and articulate an agile and inclusive toolkit that can be used by all for the benefit of all.The WDO can lead the charge, demonstrating to the wider design community the potential and power of working collectively and leveraging a committed global network. As a design historian and educator, I am well equipped for this work, having developed skills and approaches to leading diverse teams and uniting agendas around a common value-based mission. I would like to contribute to the WDO leadership and ensure that the organization is able to successfully address the United Nation’s goals and contribute meaningfully and substantially to the sustainable development agenda.

Member Organization
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)



  • Ph.D. in Architectural History, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
  • Doctoral course work and qualifying exams & MA, Design History, The Bard Graduate Center, NYC
  • BA, Art History, Summa cum Laude, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Professional Experience
As a leader in design education, I have focused on innovation through development of transdisciplinary design curriculum, entrepreneurship and social enterprise programs, industry engagement, and government / NGO collaborations.

Present Occupation
Head of School, School of Design, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), AU