Rama Gheerawo

Royal College of Arts (United Kingdom)


Board Member Nominee

I have dedicated my life to design, wanting to train as a designer since I was 14 years old. The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design (at the Royal College of Art) that I currently lead has a 25 year history and is a globally recognised centre for excellence in socially inclusive design. This is where I believe design can make a difference – in improving life and addressing large social challenges such as ageing, health, sustainability, poverty and equality. Design is about people and society and I would bring my experience in setting up networks, running projects, co-creating ideas to help the WDO at a global level. I have run Inclusive Design conferences across the world, most recently in Hong Kong and work with academic, government, business and public sector organisations internationally. I publish, keynote and run workshops on the subject and have just established a new Social & Global research space at the RCA – the UN Goals are a key part of this. I am an open communicator who can develop strategic relationships, grow careers, manage talent and be an ambassador. Whilst I can only presently commit to one WDO board meeting a year, I will work with passion and purpose to contribute at all levels and enable continuity digitally.

Member Organization
Royal College of Art



  • (1996-1998) MA(RCA) and Dip.(IC), Industrial Design Engineering / Royal College of Art / Imperial College, London
  • (1993-1996) BEng, Mechanical Engineering / Imperial College, London

Professional Experience
Rama is an international figure within design, leadership and innovation, having lead over 100 projects with government, business and the public sector. He is a serial innovator, using design to address society’s toughest issues.

Present Occupation
Rama is Director of The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art. He has two decades in design for social change. He is Visiting Professor in the Architecture department at the Royal Danish Academy for Fine Arts.