Shikuan Chen

Compal Electronics Inc. (Taiwan, Chinese Taipei)

Board Member Nominee

Having a background from design & ICT industries+ long serving as a consultant for varies Taiwan Gov. organizations, as well as being a jury for numerous design competitions both globally and locally, brings me the privilege to join the Icsid/WDO board for the term 2015-2017. Within this term I had the opportunities in networking the WDC Taipei 2016 program, as well as supporting the Board in strategizing a new WDO direction by expanding the scope/scale of our ambition via cultivating new potentials & territories.

The world today is rapidly and dynamically changing and with fruitful of interlink chances. The needs for exploring potential businesses which are of UN SDGs-related/focus is also indeed a growing trend in Asia Pacific, and it is of my high interest to bring together different pillars of our WDO members to get interweaved & participate in this mega-plan! My background of both industry + academic provides me the connectivity as well as prospects to mesh & matchmaking this matrix of ecosystem-opportunities, thus creating a panorama view of potentials visible to all our members. I will be honored if our WDO members are willing to continue to support as well as utilize me, such that hand in hand together, we will paint this canvas of a better world and a brighter tomorrow!

Member Organization

Compal Electronics, Inc.

Mandarin (Chinese), English

Master of Fine Arts/ Design, Cranbrook Academy of Art, USA, 1995

Professional Experience
Over 27+ years practicing in the design profession field, as well as a Design Professor at ShinChien University, Shikuan has a wide spectrum of diverse work experiences ranging from Branding, Design Consultancy to Manufacturing.

Present Occupation
Senior VP Corp. Marketing and Innovation of Compal Electronics, responsible for managing a team of 220+ design experts, trendsetting innovative technology and design roadmap/ blueprint for the global ICT industries/ market.