Member Benefits

WDO membership means being part of a global community. It means sharing with like-minded people on topics that matter to you, whether in person or online, which includes our monthly newsletter and bi-monthly members only newsletter. It also means participating in events and programming around the world.

MIT Press Discount

Do you belong to a WDO member organization? Check our member list! If you are, you’re entitled to a 30% discount on all MIT design titles. Contact Alfredo Rodriguez at to request a login to get the promocode.

Become part of a global learning community

You will be entitled to exchange best practices, lessons learned and success stories with like-minded people on topics that matter to you, whether in person or online. Leverage your membership by forming strategic partnerships with the international design community.

Access an international design network

Your organization will be included in an exclusive online directory, which provides access to contact information for each of our member organizations. Let us empower you to reach out, collaborate, and form strategic relationships with other members.

Experience our innovative programming

As a member, you will receive preferential support to participate in our international programming, including World Design Capital®, World Design Talks, World Industrial Design Day, World Design Impact Prize, and Interdesign.

Influence a world design agenda

We know that face-to-face contact is still essential in a world increasingly connected online. Our World Design Talks provide you with a platform to address local and regional challenges such as urbanization, climate change, and migration, through a design lens—the results of which will inform our World Design Agenda, set at our biennial general assembly, where members vote, elect the board, help determine policy and network.

Gain international visibility

WDO will help you gain traction by promoting your impactful design efforts, events, and news on our website, through social media and in our newsletters.

Get the latest news

You will receive timely information about design-led innovations worldwide, major events, and our international programming through our monthly newsletter, quarterly member exclusive newsletter, as well as our rising social media channels.