30th General Assembly Highlights

Draft Minutes

Here you’ll find the decisions made about each agenda item, actions identified, voting outcomes, motions taken and next steps. These minutes will be approved by the membership at the next GA in 2019.

World Design Agenda

Adopted by the membership on 14 October 2017, the WDO’s World Design Agenda™ is a plan of action that aims to inspire, mobilize, and activate our community to deliver design-led solutions that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs by 2030.

Meeting Highlights

A brief overview of some of the key moments at WDO’s 30th General Assembly.

Photo Gallery

View some of our favorite images from the 30th General Assembly and 60th Anniversary Celebration!

Video Highlights

Watch some of the best moments captured from the General Assembly.

Graphic Recordings

Translating words into visual concepts, these original illustrations by Housatonic capture the dialogues exchanged at the general assembly.