WDC Lille Metropole 2020

Lille Metropole – with its diversity, cultural wealth and entrepreneurism, and involvement of public and private stakeholders and citizens – is ideally positioned for experimentation. Practices, objects, policies and solidarity can be invented. Thus, the programme is being built on experimentation.


The Organizing Committee of WDC 2020 has launched a major call for POCs (Proofs of Concept), calling for design-led transformation projects that are feasible and desirable. Many stakeholders have identified needs, projects, ideas likely to be the subject of a POC, in various areas (urban planning, housing, education, culture, ecological and social development). To support them in the ideation and definition of the POC, designers have been selected by the organizing committee. The POC is being developed through discussions between municipalities and designers. The end-result will be the Republique of Design.

WDC2020 Programme