World Industrial Design Day (WIDD) is celebrated throughout the world on 29 June. First declared in 2007 by the World Design Organization™ (WDO) for its 50th anniversary, WIDD increases awareness of the profession of industrial design and champions the power of design to strengthen economic, social, cultural, and environmental development.

New Year New Look

As part of the transition from the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design to the World Design Organization, we are proud to reveal a brand new logo for World Industrial Design Day, designed by Feed, a design firm located in Montreal, Canada.

The logo was inspired by a sectional cut of a turbine engine commonly found in the wing of an airplane. Not only does the logo represent a pure example of technical perfection in industrial and engineering design, but it also serves as a metaphor for “ideas taking flight” on the occasion of World Industrial Design Day, which is celebrated annually around the globe.

Coral pink was also selected as the official colour for World Industrial Design Day as a nod to coral reefs that host diverse ecosystems, a symbol of the inter-disciplinary work that is carried out by our members of design communities around the world.

To download our new World Industrial Design Day logo for your event, click to download the format you want.