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Ways to Celebrate

World Industrial Design Day (WIDD)™ is an open source programme—the easiest way to get involved is to host your own event or plan your own project. Here are some suggestions to inspire you, but we don’t want to limit your creativity, so we highly encourage you to use this opportunity to “think outside the box”!

Host a panel discussion about responsible consumption and production

The theme for World Industrial Design Day 2017 is Thinking Outside the Box. Between now and 29 June 2017, organize a panel with design professionals in your community and explore the ways designers can contribute to making the world a better place through the use of sustainable materials and responsible packaging.

Host a lecture on sustainable design

Or a Pecha Kucha. Or a seminar. You get the idea! Create a dialogue about sustainable materials, responsible production and consumption, and industrial design. Discuss the concept of upcycling, or how new ways of producing products can reduce waste in landfills.

Bring the new and the experienced together

Host an event bringing together members of the design industry, design community, design students, and professors to talk about best practices in sustainable production.

Host an ‘Open House’ event

Open your doors to allow prospective students to check out the industrial design department of your university or college or your design studio. Allow them to ask questions of the professors or your employees, and allow them to take a look at some of the projects you’re working on. If possible, highlight the projects that best embody sustainable production.

Hold a sustainable products exhibition

Curate an exhibit by students in your college/university, or by designers from your design studio. Invite the design community and/or general public to take a look. Highlight projects that exemplify sustainable consumption and production. Even better, curate an exhibit online that can be shared.

Translate WDO’s Code of Ethics

The WDO has an international code of ethics for industrial designers available in English, Spanish, and Italian on our website. Help us translate the code of ethics into your country’s official language(s) and share it with us.

Translate WDO’s definition of industrial design

In 2015, we asked the design community for their input to re-work the definition of industrial design. The new definition was officially released by the Professional Practice Committee in English on our website.  Help us translate the definition into your country’s official language(s) and share it with the WDO.

Declare 29 June World Industrial Design Day

Join the movement of design cities officially proclaiming 29 June as World Industrial Design Day! We’ve created a template to help you draft a proclamation, download here.

Take a field trip

Contact a local manufacturer or factory and take your students or designers on a tour to understand the final production stages of industrial design. Highlight sustainable design practices observed.

Online outreach

Host a webinar or online chat to engage with potential students at your university or potential employees at your design company to talk about how your university or company champions responsible consumption and production. You can even talk about the different types of sustainable materials that exist for production, or the concept of upcycling.

Let’s go viral

Join a global movement to celebrate WIDD 2017 by sending us a short video message and/or your thoughts on the role that industrial designers play in regard to sustainable production and consumption. We’ll edit the best videos from around the world and share these capsules of inspiration on 29 June. Like and share these short videos on all of your social networks. Please refer to the blue informational box at the bottom of the page on how to submit your video.

Highlight local sustainable design initiatives

Public appreciation for design directly relates to public awareness. Identify opportunities to showcase the many different sustainable design-driven initiatives that exist in your city and how they are vital to a city’s function.

Develop a sustainable design policy

Work towards developing a sustainable design policy for your university department, company, or city. Exchange best practices with these different stakeholders and identify opportunities for collaboration.

Hold a WIDD Sustainable Design Talk

Hold a town hall style meeting to discuss what new or improved sustainable design-led initiatives could be considered as a benefit to your university, company or city. Allow local designers and design agencies who are champions of sustainable design to speak to the community. If possible, present case studies from other universities, companies or cities.

Open your design museums

Encourage all museums in your city to open their doors free of charge on 29 June in celebration of World Industrial Design Day.

Showcase your city as a sustainable design destination

Are there clusters or areas in your city that could be recognized as sustainable design districts? Work with local tourism boards to examine how these design aspects of your city can help boost your image abroad.

Map out sustainable design

Develop a design map of your city, highlighting design museums and galleries, design studios that are open to the public, open spaces or even retail shops that have embraced sustainable industrial design. Encourage tourists and citizens to participate in a design walk by following all the stops on the map.

Recognize your design team

Highlight the sustainable design contributions of your design team and young designers via your corporate website and social media pages.

Bring your children to work

Even the youngest minds can be exposed to the value of sustainable design. On this day, encourage your employees to bring their children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren to the office and interact with design professionals.

Launch a new sustainable product

What better day to launch a new product or service than on World Industrial Design Day?

Patent protection

Collaborate on an event with the national patent office in your area to commemorate industrial design day or host a lecture on patents.

Join the conversation

We want to hear from you and what you think of this year’s theme of Thinking Outside of the Box! Share your thoughts and photos with us using the #widd2017#wdo hashtags on your social media accounts.

Report Back

Let us know how your community celebrated WIDD 2017. By sharing your meetings, discussions, and events, you are contributing to the global conversation on responsible consumption and production. To share news about your event please email us at

How to Submit Your Video

Aim for your video clip to be no more that 1 minute. Please summarize your answers to a soundbite or simple phrase.

To ensure some uniformity in the production of this video, here are a few basic guidelines to follow:

Film horizontally (landscape).

Body Positioning
Please position yourself in front of your recording device at a distance that shows your torso, arms and head. If you are recording yourself from a desktop computer, sitting at a normal seated working position would be fine.

Where to look
Look straight down the lens at a fixed point just off.

The video will be produced in a single language, English. Kindly provide your clip in English.

Avoid using the zoom function to get a close up as this could leave the video shaky and blurred. Instead move closer to the subject.

Try to pick somewhere interesting and visually engaging.

Lighting/ Sound

  • Find a place that’s relatively quiet and well lit.
  • Remember, camera microphones are not directional. This means they emphasize the background sound and make a voice quiet.
  • Tripod (ideal but not essential): Be as steady as you can. Ideally use a tripod or prop the camera on a steady object where it’s stable (not portrait).

Video File Format
We recommend that you get someone to film you using a high definition digital camera or video recorder if possible; however, the use of a web camera/inbuilt camera found on many computers and laptops is also quick and easy. The preferred format would be mp4 or .mov in high definition (HD1080).

Uploading Your Video
Upload your video to WeTransfer and please be sure to send the link to


Download (PDF – 301KB)

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