In the post-pandemic era, public sector and urban planners are trying to depict each city’s unique characteristics, thinking about integrating a design mindset within city governance. By channeling a city’s strength into appropriate planning, we can improve a city’s living standards and increase people’s welfare and quality of life. In the 2020, cities that were initially caught by surprise by the pandemic are gradually regaining their pace of life and industries are experiencing recovery.

This forum focuses on the relationship between cities and design, as well as future trends of city governance. The experts from Taiwan and abroad show how design can change the landscape of city, and revitalizes the entire city.

Using Design to Enhance Industrial Development

1 October 2020
Jang-Hwa Leu

City Governance with Aesthetics

2 October 2020
Chih-Chien Lin

Design Taiwan

3 October 2020
Chi-Yi Chang

Introduction of WDO

4 October 2020
Srini Srinivasan

Maximizing Human Benefit Through UN SDGs

5 October 2020
David Kusuma

Design Intervention Changing the City

6 October 2020
Pradyumna Vyas

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