Who We Are

The World Design Organization (WDO)® is an international
non-governmental organization and the international voice for industrial design. We advocate for Design for a Better World, promoting and sharing knowledge of industrial design-driven innovation that enhances the economic, social, cultural, and environmental quality of life. Today, WDO services over 150 member organizations, representing thousands of industrial designers around the world.

What We Do

Together, with our member organizations from around the world, we have embraced the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework for action that has the potential to simultaneously offer positive social and environmental impact as well as financial return and brand value. We do this by engaging our community in collaborative efforts and by carrying out our international programming.

Our programmes are designed to enable collaborations among the global industrial design community, to identify challenges and opportunities and to address some of the world’s most significant economic, social and environmental challenges, from a design perspective.


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Our Members

We are proud to collaborate with over 150 member organizations that represent WDO’s global community as well as thousands of industrial designers around the world. Explore our global network and join us to become a WDO Member!