Benjamin Wilson

Braun GmbH


Corporate Member

Statement of intent

As an Industrial Designer with over two decades of experience, my unique perspective stems from being an Australian based in Germany. Since 2017, as Director of Communication at Braun, I’ve made it my mission to instill the essence of ‘Braun Haltung’ — a way of doing things, an approach to design and the belief that Good Design is Useful, Simple, and Built to Last — in the next generation.

I am eager to extend my dedication to design excellence as a board member of the WDO. I bring a wealth of international experience and an unwavering belief in the transformative power of design. I am particularly dedicated to nurturing the next generation of designers and encouraging a reductionist approach in their creative processes. My active role in evolving the Braun Prize has been a valuable tool for both supporting young designers and inspiring the creation of better, more purposeful designs.

Given the opportunity, I am committed to collaborating with the WDO board to find practical and impactful ways to engage young minds and drive positive change. Together, we can steer design towards a future that is purposeful, enduring, and truly impactful.

  • 2 Decades in the field of Industrial Design.
  • Various international Speaking and Event Moderation.
  • International Design Award Jury sessions.
  • Innovation / Design thinking leader.
  • FEI Lighthouse Innovation leader.
  • Global Communication/PR and Media Training.

Current role: Having worked in many categories for Braun and Gillette, today my mission is to “Make the invisible visible”.

I lead the Design and Technology Communication for Global Braun and Gillette Venus.

1st Class Honors, Industrial Design. Swinburne University, Melbourne Australia.

  • English
  • German