Meghan Preiss

Aether Global Learning

United States

Promotional Member

Statement of intent

I intend to contribute to the organization’s future by expanding our community and focusing on the definition and evolution of our value propositions in relation to our next generation of designers and our corporate membership pillar. During my previous term on the board, I was able to establish the foundation for our programs and opportunities for the next generation of creatives, including the Young Designers Circle. I hope to evolve our strategic focus toward protecting the best interest of young creatives and the development of our community whereby students and young professionals can gain access to and further benefit from being associated with a WDO member.

The remainder of my time will be spent on our corporate membership pillar. Currently working for Delta Air Lines and with prior experience at Ford Motor Company and IBM, I intend to develop our value propositions for corporate members, such as relaunching the Corporate Circle Program and identifying new opportunities for membership collaboration.

  • Manager of Customer Experience Design; Delta Air Lines
  • Managing Business Designer; IBM
  • LeadBusiness Designer; Ford Motor Company
  • Manager of Customer Experience Design at Delta Air Lines
  • Pioneering Delta’s Humanity Centered Design Practice, Codifying the collaborative Operating Model and program processes
  • Establishing Delta’s Enterprise Design Thinking Center of Excellence
  • Industrial Design BFA and Service Design BFA.
  • Strategic Futures and Biomimicry Certifications.