Zurich, Switzerland, October 4, 2023BLT Built Design Awards has announced the winners of the 2023 edition, acknowledging and honouring the expertise of professionals worldwide who contribute to the realization of outstanding projects. From visionary architecture firms and interior design experts to groundbreaking construction products and landscape architecture projects, this awards program encompasses the entire spectrum of design and construction, shaping the world’s urban environments.

The BLT Built Design Awards celebrate not only the structures and spaces that redefine our cities but also the dedicated individuals who propel the industry forward. This annual program is a tribute to the projects, people, and their unwavering passion for the industry. The submissions for the 3rd edition of the BLT Built Design Awards closed at the end of August 2023, leaving the jury panel composed of experienced architects, designers, developers, academics and media representatives to select winners in each category. The program received over 700 submissions from 45 countries. The judges evaluated each project based on their own merit; rewarding the most pioneering and ground-breaking designs and selecting those standing out, based on new concepts, innovations and sustainability initiatives.

The BLT Built Design Awards 2023 top winners include Haus Balma, Switzerland, by Kengo Kuma & Associates for Architectural Design of the Year, Flat #6 in Brazil by Studio Mk27 for Interior Design of the Year, Phase Shifts Park in France by Mosbach Paysagistes for Landscape Architecture of the Year, while RENCO from the United States secured Construction Product Design of the Year.

In the student categories, Emerging Architect of the Year was awarded to Ripple from Japan, built by Takatoku Nishi, a student at Tokyo University of the Arts, while the Interior Designer of the Year award went to Hsiang-Ting Huang, a student at the School of Visual Arts, for designing a sound healing center. Gabriel Velasco, from Savannah College of Art and Design, received Emerging Landscape Architecture of the Year for Octavarium.


Haus Balma by Kengo Kuma & Associates


Haus Balma, awarded Architectural Design of the Year, is a remarkable creation by Kengo Kuma & Associates. Located in Vals, Switzerland, this commercial and residential building, completed in June 2022, beautifully balances tradition and innovation. More than a decade ago, the project began with a vision to harmoniously integrate modernity with the scenic mountain village of Vals. Kengo Kuma and his team, including Yuki Ikeguchi, brought this dream to life by blending unconventional forms and materials, particularly stone, wood, metal, and glass, into a seamless union with nature.

  • Company/Firm: Kengo Kuma & Associates
  • Design Team: Kengo Kuma, Yuki Ikeguchi
  • Architect: Kengo Kuma & Associates
  • Interior Designer: Kengo Kuma & Associates
  • Lighting Designer: Viabizzuno
  • Photo Credits: Naaro, Sebastian Stumpf, Paul Clemens, Daniela Derungs
  • Location: Vals, Switzerland


Flat #6 by Studio Mk27


Composed of a series of cosy ambiences that enhance Brazilian vintage design and woods, the living spaces enable an integrated family experience. TV room and bedrooms open themselves to a terrace that mediates the dialogue between intimacy and São Paulo’s skyline. Sober finishings such as the basaltine stone flooring and ipê wood panels are lightened by tactile fabrics and delineated pieces. Designed with extreme attention to detail, the combination of textures with sharp forms configure wide and soulful spaces, that embrace a joyful living.

  • Company/Firm: Studio Mk27
  • Lead Designer: Marcio Kogan, Diana Radomysler, Luciana Antunes and Mariana Ruzante
  • Architect: Studio MK27
  • Interior Designer: Studio Mk27
  • Company: Lock Engenharia
  • Photo Credit: Fran Parente and Christian Møller Andersen
  • Location: São Paulo, Brazil



RENCO MCFR is a state-of-the-art structural building system comprised of interlocking composite building units of various types and sizes of blocks, columns, beams, joists, headers, decking, connectors, etc. These products are all adhesively joined (chemically bonded) to form monolithic structures. The RENCO Structural Building System has been tested, analyzed and evaluated in ANSI-certified laboratories to ASTM standards for material and physical characteristics, structural performance, fire resistance and environmental resistance. The RENCO Structural Building System can currently be used in the design and construction of construction types VA and VB (structures up to 5 stories) in Seismic Design Categories A and B. Through continued research and development, expanded approvals are in process, to include the use of the system in Seismic Design Categories C, D and E.

  • Company/Firm: RENCO
  • Lead Designer: Thomas P. Murphy, Jr
  • Design Team: Engin Yesil
  • Other Credit: Ken Smuts
  • Photo Credit: Legendary Production
  • Location: Palm Beach County, FL USA


Phase Shifts Park by Mosbach Paysagistes


Phase Shifts Park proposes a dialogue between soil and air, culture and nature, across 230 hectares. It forges interactions between environments and populations. The design invests in lithosphere design, encompassing water, topography, and soil, combined with atmosphere design, addressing factors like heat, humidity, and pollution. The result is a diverse landscape that distributes comfortable ‘niches,’ featuring 11 resorts. The atmosphere’s performance is emphasized by the lithosphere resources, which provide leisure lands, sports areas, and play areas. Urban traffic is partially incorporated into the park’s subsoil, ensuring continuous flow over a 2.7km stretch from South to North. The hills establish a framework that offers vast continuities, intimacy, and protection.

  • Company/Firm: Mosbach Paysagistes
  • Lead Designer: Catherine Mosbach, Mosbach Paysagistes
  • Design Team: Philippe Rahm architectes – Ricky Liu & associates
  • Lighting Designer: Philippe Rahm Architectes
  • Other Credit: Stelier LD; vrd transsolar: ingénierie climatique; B&G structure: sepia conseil hydraulique
  • Photo Credit: Victor Chohao Wu, Catherine Mosbach
  • Location: Taichung Taiwan
  • Photo Credit: Victor Chohao Wu, Catherine Mosbach

In the student categories, Emerging Architect of the Year was awarded to Ripple from Japan, built by Takatoku Nishi, a student at Tokyo University of the Arts, while the Interior Designer of the Year award went to Hsiang-Ting Huang, a student at the School of Visual Arts, for designing a sound healing center. Gabriel Velasco, from Savannah College of Art and Design, received Emerging Landscape Architect of the Year for Octavarium.

At the BLT Built Design Awards, we take pride in uniting visionary projects and innovation from across the globe, celebrating exceptional excellence in architecture and design. We’re overjoyed and eagerly await the winners’ celebration at KKL Luzern to personally applaud these outstanding achievers. The event promises to be dynamic and inspiring, showcasing the awe-inspiring influence of design,” commented Astrid Hébert, Co-founder and Program Director of the Awards.

Other honorees from the 2023 BLT Built Design Awards included, NONSPACE, designed by On Architects Inc. in Korea, the impressive Chengdu MINI Showroom Complex in China, designed by ARCHIHOPE & SIAD, stood out in the Commercial category, Creative Cluster in Riyadh, an architectural marvel by IND (Ind Studio Architectural Design L.L.C) in the United Arab Emirates, was celebrated in the Cultural category, the Netherlands’ SuperHub Meerstad, skillfully crafted by De Zwarte Hond, made a mark in the Commercial category, the Original Granite Bracket, a company from the United States, garnered praise for its product, the Industrial Free Hanging Shelf Bracket® and TerraCool Urban Oasis, designed by Dilara Temel in the United Kingdom, earned accolades for its Sustainable and Energy Saving qualities.

The highlight of the BLT Built Design Awards will be an exclusive awards ceremony at KKL Luzern, Switzerland on November 18th, with D5 Magazine as a media partner. This stunning venue, designed by renowned architect Jean Nouvel, sets the stage for an unforgettable evening. With its modern design and breathtaking views of Lake Luzern, the KKL Luzern ceremony promises to be a night of elegance and celebration. The Gala will provide a platform for recognition and exposure, with distinguished judges and influential figures from the design world in attendance.

To explore all the winning projects, please visit bltawards.com. These exceptional projects and designs demonstrate the remarkable diversity and innovation within the BLT Built Design Awards community.

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