In a world where issues such as climate change, rapid urbanization, water scarcity and population growth can no longer be ignored, our community is already taking a leadership role in design-led innovation to tackle some of these problems. They are not only demonstrating design’s power to make a difference in the world but are also elevating design as a viable business model.

Our community includes our membership, a diverse and powerful cross-section of the world’s leading industrial design organizations, who work with us to accomplish our shared vision and mission. Learn more about our international membership.

Our community also includes our members’ members, institutions that support our mission to promote industrial design driven innovation for a better world, and our World Design Partners who promote the notion that good design is good business.

Together we share a common interest in building stronger, healthier and more vibrant communities, bolstering the reputation of design in every region around the world.

As we strive to become a more collaborative, inclusive, and forward thinking organization, we are emphasizing the critical contribution our community makes to the solutions economy. We are also reaching out to colleagues from other professions, including architects, urban planners, engineers, ergonomists, environmentalists, among others, to form mutually beneficial partnerships in what is becoming an increasingly multi-disciplinary world.

Speaking in a unified voice, together we will pave the way for an exciting new era. Will you join us?