Join WDO

Click on the membership type that applies to your organization and fill out the application form to join WDO today. *Please note that we do not currently offer membership to individuals.


Fee: €3000

Cities that believe in the adoption of design as an integral element of urban development and progress can now join the WDO Members network.


Fee: €3000

Private sector companies that employ industrial designers.

Design Studio or Consultancy

1-5 employees

6-15 employees

16+ employees

A design service provider or consultancy that employs at least one (1) full time industrial designer or designer from a related field.


Fee: €1250

Schools of higher education that offer an accredited curriculum in industrial design education and/or research.


1-500 members
Fee: €500

501-1000 members
Fee: €1000

1001+ members
Fee: €2500

Local, regional or national associations of professional industrial designers.


< €500 000 budget
Fee: €1000

> €500 000 budget
Fee: €2000

Organizations that devote their efforts to the advancement of industrial design through informational and/or promotional activities.


< €500 000 budget
Fee: €1000

> €500 000 budget
Fee: €2000

Like-minded organizations that believe in the power of design to effect positive change and would like to engage and collaborate with WDO and its members.

*Associate Members have no voting rights.