DOT is a multidisciplinary design studio, focused on designing sustainable products and services to improve wellbeing. DOT helps organizations innovate and deliver cutting-edge products and services into the market, creating meaningful impact in the world. DOT understands people’s aspirations and analyze trends to come up with radical ideas.

What is your vision of Industrial Design and its human and social impact?

We interact with multiple products in our daily life and we believe that as industrial designers we have huge responsibility. In DOT we like to follow three principles that are part of our design manifesto:

Let’s face all this together!

How do you work towards using Industrial Design to improve health and well-being?

Well-being is and has always been an essential aspect in our projects and processes. We put special effort on having deep look into different aspects of people’s well-being: physical, social, economic, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and environmental. We believe integrating all the actors involved on the product-service system in the design process is crucial to come up with innovative solutions. There is a person in DOT that has the role of “Well-being Lead”, taking into account the well-being of the user during the design process and customer in the projects we run. This leader also takes care of the health of the team members and our company (a cooperative), something we find very important for performance and results. On other side, we support entrepreneurial projects that work for well-being. We invest 5% of our annual invoicing in this type of projects, mainly on the fields of food, sports and health.

What is Orbea Orca Aero bicycle? How does it contribute to well-being? how is it different from other bicycles?
Orbea Orca Aero is an invitation to do more sports with good design. Our intention has been focused on how democratize the competition feeling, creating an accessible bike in terms of design, comfort and purchase.

Orbea bikes are designed to enjoy, but above all, they are designed to compete. It was therefore necessary to create a bicycle that would respond to that desire for competition, both for professionals and cyclists who want to enjoy the ride. The Orca Aero is designed with a more aggressive geometry than a 100% climbing bicycle. Due to its aggressive forms and the design of its tubes with the most aerodynamic shape possible, it is ideal to fight the wind face, allowing to reach high speeds in both plane and descent, without giving up an optimal performance climbing ports. It is a versatile and polyvalent bicycle, which adapts to different requirements and multiple uses matching different possible disciplines in cycling, bringing the competitive spirit to a wide public encouraging this spirit.