From hot wheels to marbles, there are some toys that have simply stood the test of time. With their recognizable design or universal appeal, we’ve put together a list of 10 toys that are still a go-to for play around the world.

1. Hot Wheels

With an intergenerational cult of fans, Hot Wheels’ toy cars represent the fastest selling toy in the United States.



LEGO’s plastic building-block toys have been one of the most successful game brands in marketing history, just make sure you don’t step on one. 

3. Barbie

From princess to president, Barbie has been inspiring children to imagine themselves in aspirational roles since 1959.

4. Soccer ball

As a sport that is played in almost every corner of the world, the soccer ball has fostered play for generations of children.

5. Konstrukta

Perhaps lesser known, the high-quality wooden toy Konstrukta was designed by the renowned Slovenian designer Niko Kralj, and is still produced in the country to this day.

6. Kokeshi

A traditional Japanese wooden doll for children, Kokeshi are also symbols of good luck and fortune. 

7. Rubik’s cube

Have you solved the cube? Initially designed in 1974 as a teaching tool to help students understand 3D geometry, the Rubik’s cube has since become one of the world’s best-selling toys.

8. Marbles


A highly versatile toy, people have been playing marbles for thousands of years. The glass version we know today was introduced in the 1800’s. 

9. Slinky

The slinky was developed by accident in 1943 by naval engineer Richard James after a tension spring he was working on fell and began to walk across the floor.

10. Yo-yo

Yay for yo-yos! Classic, accessible and straightforward, the yo-yo is considered as the second oldest toy in history. 

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