Montreal (Canada) – The Icsid Board of Directors has provisionally approved four new memberships, each representing a different pillar of the organisation:

Compal Electronics (Corporate) Compal Electronics is a Taiwanese original design manufacturer (ODM), handling the innovation, research development as well as production of notebook computers, monitors, tablets, mobile devices, wearables, televisions and IoT related portfolio for a variety of clients around the world, including Acer, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu Siemens Computers etc. It is one of the largest contract laptop manufacturers in the world and shipped over 48 million notebooks (2010), and has average revenue of 26 billion (USD). Compal has established business and factory sites around the globe including China, U.S., Vietnam, Brazil, Poland and Mexico, and its research and development organisation is stationed in Taipei (Taiwan, Chinese Taipei) with some 6500 experts.

Mekkie (Associate) Started in 2011 as a business development company but due to the need for alternative thinking and solutions, the company was transformed into an innovative strategy entity, which aims to be relevant and create broader impact to the issues which are prevalent in South Africa.

Quanzhou International Design Association (Professional) Quanzhou Industrial Design Association is a non-profit organisation that promotes the local design industry. Founded in 2008 in the initiative of current Quanzhou Mayor Huang, Quanzhou is a gathering place for private enterprise, and QIDA has served more than 150 local manufacturing and design companies in the field of network building, design counselling, industrial integration, personnel training. QIDA also organised a series of design activities and events, uniting students, professional designers, entrepreneurs and officials. QIDA is a comprehensive platform on the forefront of local industrial design progress.

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, School of Design Studies (Educational) UPES was established in Dehradun, India in 2003 with an objective of providing quality education in petroleum engineering and allied braches. Today UPES consists of three institutes/colleges (engineering, management and law) offering 88 courses at undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral level.

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