Montreal (Canada) – The Icsid Executive Board has provisionally approved the following two new membership applications.


Industrial Designers Society of Turkey (ETMK), Turkey
Founded in 1988, ETMK is the first non-governmental association to promotes industrial design in Turkey through various events such as competitions, national and international exhibitions. ETMK has been working with Icsid in recent years through its competition “Design Turkey”, which is an Icsid endorsed event.


Mission Design, Canada
The promotional pillar is the fastest growing pillar of Icsid this term, reflecting the growth and international recognition for the importance of design promotion. Mission Design is a relatively new organisation, established in 2009 to help Quebec businesses and public organizations use design, architecture and urban planning as a vector for innovation, to increase their competitiveness and to achieve an increased quality in the built environment.

In accordance with the constitution, provisional members enjoy all the same benefits as ratified members but may not vote, nominate for the executive board, or be nominated until the next general assembly official approves, or ratifies, the board’s decision. These two new provisional memberships will be presented to the XXVII General Assembly in October in Taipei, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) for ratification along with all other provisional memberships approved by the executive board this term. A complete list of provisional members is available for consultation in advance of the general assembly.

For more information on membership, including the eligibility and applications, please contact Georgia Johnston,  Member Relations and Administrative Assistance.