There are a number of ways to foster creativity and give changemakers a chance to share their brilliant ideas with others, but one of the most important is to create an environment that is conducive to creativity. The LIT Lighting Design Awards were created to recognize the efforts of talented international lighting product designers and lighting implementers. 

Design is the original disruptor and has the power to change the world. Driven by passion and purpose, the projects listed below demonstrate how designers are using their creative efforts for the greater good – to create social impact and make the world more beautiful.

Vibrance by Bruno Ribeiro
Winner in Interactive Lighting Projects
Lead Designers: Bruno Ribeiro
Client: Noor Riyadh

Vibrance is an interactive art installation of moving lights, video projection, body tracking and laser technology, and immersive sound. It allows the audience to transform their body into a monumental light sculpture through the power of their own voice. When you enter the installation, you stand in front of a diamond-shaped screen and are asked to shout or say a word. As the sound is processed, their body is scanned and the sound is transformed into an audiovisual light sculpture that lasts anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute while a personalized avatar is projected onto the screen.

The designer Bruno Ribeiro is a director and media artist with more than 15 years of international experience in art and entertainment, currently based in Paris. He divides his projects between large environments (such as arenas or historical landmarks) and more intimate spaces (from art galleries to museums), adapting his creativity and storytelling to a variety of canvases .

Thanks to his extensive experience, his work is original and unexpected, while being based on a solid technical understanding. Through his constant artistic and technical research, he seeks to create new narrative forms while focusing on the sensory side of the work.

Lean-A-Light by A-Light
Prize: Winner in Ceiling Lights
Project Location: Oceanside, California

Lean is a patent-pending acoustic lay-in luminaire that becomes part of an architectural ceiling tile while increasing sound absorption across ceiling planes. Designers can use the multi-functional fixture to turn project tiles into dynamic designs in applications such as office spaces.

Sustainability is at the forefront of Lean’s design. Shipping with only three collapsible components, Lean is 80% lighter than a typical 2’ x 2’ fixture and it’s estimated that the overall shipping impact is reduced by as much as 88%. Lean is also Declare label listed, which enhances transparency and simplifies material tracking. The Declare label will help to identify Lean’s components, including red list-free non-harmful chemicals such as the electrical wiring.

A-Light combines advanced optical engineering with a deep understanding of architectural lighting to develop products that integrate into any space. They strive to understand lighting’s contribution to architectural design intent and to develop high quality, energy efficient products that provide flexibility to the designer.

LEGO Linear Luminaire by Susan Hardjono, Ahmed Hassaballa, Josh Filby, Stephen Justice
Prize: Winner in Illuminated Home Decor
Client: ambience x Symphony Lighting
Project Location: Melbourne, Australia

The LEGO Linear Luminaire is a design that not only serves a pragmatic purpose, but on discovery taps into youthful imagination and sentimental creativity. It brings a delightful kaleidoscope of colours to a room and adds a cheerful accent through its inventiveness. It is also designed to be used not only as a pendant light, but also to stand vertically. Elegant yet fun, the lamp has a light source suitable for the material in which it is housed and is flexible in its adaptability to decorate the room or illuminate.

The LEGO light is 965 mm long and is made of recycled blocks with a colour-coordinated flex cable. The luminaire is opal and diffused with a flood distribution, CRI 90, 8w/m and is controlled via Bluetooth. The LEGO linear luminaire is a minimalist, playful yet practical design that evokes a sense of enchantment.

The internationally renowned LIT Lighting Design Awards are presented to companies and designers who challenge norms and push boundaries to turn their lighting visions into reality. The award-winning projects listed above showcase incredible creativity with a focus on sustainability and a dose of playfulness – all components of the work of true design leaders.

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