On Monday, June 4th, 2018, the Delegation of the city of Lille, France, headed by Mayor Martine Aubry, convened a meeting with the government of Mexico City, World Design Capital Mexico City 2018, and the Secretary of Tourism, to present the project “El Dorado”. A project that consists of an exhibit of design, architecture, music, dance, among other creative disciplines, that enhance the Mexican culture and celebrate the bonds between France and Mexico who value and recognize our traditions and cultures.

“El Dorado” will be launched in October, during the events of Mexico City’s design month, such as Design Week Mexico and the closing events of World Design Capital Mexico City 2018.

The meeting took place at Mexico City’s City Hall between Dr. Jose Ramon Amieva, Mayor of Mexico City; Arch. Emilio Cabrero, Director of Design Week Mexico and World Design Capital Mexico City 2018; Mrs. Martine Aubry, Mayor of Lille and Ex-Minister of the French Government; Mr. Didier Fusillier, Director of “El Dorado”; Ms. Fanny Bouyagui, visual artist from Lille; Mr. Thierry Capeau, musician from Lille; and Mr. Armando López Cárdenas, Secretary of Tourism of Mexico City.

At the meeting attendees also raised the proposals of ​​participating in Design Week Mexico and more active role during the World Design Capital Mexico City 2018 closing events strongly communicating our collaborations for WDC 2020.