Alpay Er

Ozyegin University/Istanbul Institute of Design (Turkey)

Board Member Nominee

I’ve been involved in WDO because we, designers need a common mind, and a strong voice, not only for making the World better by DESIGN, but also for making the life better for DESIGNERS! My vision for WDO is a simple one: Let’s create a Win-Win deal for both the WORLD and DESIGNERS. This vision is informed by our strong organizational tradition in Icsid/WDO, the fast changing dynamics of design profession, and the growth and geographical expansion of global design sector. I am particularly passionate about the global improvement of educational and professional standards in design, and their urgent integration into the WDO agenda. In the last term as a WDO Board Member I organized the very first World Design Talks in 2016. I initiated the design education & research committee. And with new members, Turkey, my own country now has the highest number of WDO members. So I am good at taking initiatives, mobilizing resources and networking. I am running for the WDO board AGAIN just to COMPLETE what we have already started: Building a strong international design community with a REGIONAL and DIVERSIFIED scope, a common MIND and SOUL, and with a single GLOBAL voice!

Member Organization
Ozyegin University / Istanbul Institute of Design

English, Turkish

1988 – B.ID, Industrial Design, METU, Ankara, Turkey.
1994 – PhD, Design Policy & Management, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

Professional Experience

  • Prof. and Head, Dept. of Industrial Design, ITU, Istanbul. 1997-2013
  • Board Member, ICSID, 2011-2013
  • Regional Advisor, ICSID, 2013-2015
  • Juror in İF, Red Dot, Red Star China etc.
  • Design management consultant.
  • Board Member, ETMK.

Present Occupation

  • Chairperson & Professor, Dept. of Industrial Design, Ozyegin University, Istanbul
  • Board Member, World Design Organization (WDO)
  • Visiting Prof., Universita Degli Studi Della Campania, Italy
  • Chief Editor, Design Issues (MIT Press)