Sergei Moiseev

VNIITE/Moscow Technological University (Russian Federation)

Board Member Nominee

Today VNIUE is the only research, design and experimental and educational and Today VNIITE (Moscow Technological University) – is the only research, design, experimental, educational and methodological center of design in Russia and CIS. I had the great honor to become its director and continue the work begun in 1962 by the great man Yuri Borisovich Soloviev (the Creator and Director of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Technical Aesthetics, since 1962 to 1982, and the President of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design ICSID from 1977 to 1980.). Since 1965, our organization is a member of ICSID, confirming the fact that design is one of the channels for integrating Russia into the world economy and project culture. The official representation of the WDO on the territory of such a large industrial region as Russia will help solve the most difficult tasks to improve the value of life together, and more than 50 years of experience in scientific work will allow implementing the most daring educational programs. Design has always been out of politics, and now more than ever before we have faced serious global challenges, which obliges us to make every effort to unite the international community.

Member Organization
Moscow Technological University (MIREA)

Russian, English

Togliatti State University, Master degree in Architecture and Construction, 2004-2009

Professional Experience
Designer / Educator / Researcher. 10 years of experience in implementing design projects. Participated in the organization of 8 international conferences. Social projects expert in Youth Bank International.

Present Occupation
Director of VNIITE, established in April 1962. Founder of the “MS Design Studio” which specializes on industrial and graphic design since 2009. Also leading the course “Design Management” in The Presidential Academy, RANEPA.