Electronic Voting

Exercise your right to vote!

We do hope you can join us in person. But if you absolutely cannot attend, as a WDO member, you can now vote electronically to elect the leadership of the organization. Advance electronic voting for the Board will open as of 12 September and close on 14 October 2017 at 17:00 (GMT+2).

In order to vote, voting members in good standing must register through RegOnline and download the WDO app.

How do I download the WDO App?
The app is available for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Unfortunately, no other mobile platform is available for the app.

I’ve downloaded the app, but I can’t seem to log in?
Only registered members for the General Assembly will receive notification about their accounts being activated. To register for the General Assembly, members in good standing should have already received their invitation letter by WDO. Should you believe you are a member in good standing and have not yet received your invitation, please contact Chantallya Louis.

How do I vote electronically during the elections?
You must have the WDO App in order to cast your ballot for the 2017-2019 Board Elections. A Voter ID and Voter Key will be issued to voting delegates once they have successfully registered for the General Assembly. After entering your Voter ID and Voter Key, you may cast your ballot choices. Please ensure all choices are correct, once you have submitted your choices, the voting is final, no corrections can be made.

Can I vote on motions on the app?
Yes! For the first time, members can vote online prior to the General Assembly and vote on proposed motions on the WDO App. Motion voting will begin 27 September at 17:00 (GMT-5)* and will close on 14 October at 10:45 (GMT+2)*. Members with the app will receive notification to cast their vote on motions.

*Time subject to change