Value Proposition

Three action items support our value proposition. As the World Design Organization, we:


Instill in our community the motivation, enthusiasm, and courage to make a positive impact through design.


Motivate communities to organize themselves, forming crowds, discussion groups, networks, and active teams in order to address local challenges.


Influence and lead the design community to create and drive initiatives that result in tangible outcomes.

We have greatly improved our offerings to the design community, starting with our members. That said, we’ve explored new areas to better engage with designers by giving them the opportunity to:

Showcase their work and experiences

Obtain WDO original content

Get information about Design & SDG oriented international events

Access a directory of industry insights and resources for design practitioners

Join WDO networking events in your city

Access discounted prices in products and/or services


Take advantage of showcasing and promoting works and experiences (your own or your organization’s) through our channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and

If you have any questions and/or need more information regarding our work please contact Dorothee Bolade at