2019-2021 PRESIDENT-ELECT Nominee


Gilles Rougon
Éléctricité De France (EDF), APCI
Corporate Member

We are experiencing an amazing acceleration of technological and business changes in various sectors. But never before has our world faced simultaneously so many challenges ranging from climate change to inequalities.
My 20 years’ experience in design management at the crossroads of design, research and entrepreneurship has taught me that designers have the key ability to… design good questions first!
After two consecutive terms one of which as WDO Treasurer I know how much the design community can turn uncertainty into more sustainable opportunities, experiences and ecosystems.

Reason why if elected I would work on 4 main directions
1) expanding WDO’s international voice by improving our World Design Report as a UN SDGs’ aligned collective referent guide and by building more synergies with other worldwide organizations.
2) developing WDO regional activities to further connect each types of local and international members including cities and boost our programmes with partners and interested stakeholders.
3) supporting design education and research to prepare the future of expected design skills and jobs.
4) exploring the creation of a WDO Youth Board to better tackle issues of young design professionals and onboard emerging practices and future talents.
Let’s work together to design a better world!




Master of Industrial Design (MSc),
UTC University of Compiègne, 1998

Master of Electrical Engineering (MSc),
USTL University of Lille, 1997

Master of Engineering,
CENTRALE Lille (top French Engineering School), Lille, 1997


Gilles firstly worked as an industrial designer for PSA then for GUNNEBO Group.
He joined EDF R&D in 1999 where he has developped the in-house design network.
Formerly an APCI and EnsAD Board member and a DMI member, Gilles also contributes to promote design as lecturer, teacher and consultant.


Currently Collective Innovation Catalyst for EDF Pulse Explorer team, Gilles is in charge of coaching cross-functional teams to help them design the future of their projects, programmes and management methods. That means mixing design thinking and making, social trends analysis, open innovation and partnerships to drive sustainable change.