2019-2021 WDO Board Nominee

Lou Yongqi
Tongji University
Educational Member

I had the honor to serve as a Board Member of ICSID and WDO during its transition time. After that, I am a regional advisor for WDO till now. Besides that, I also worked for another international organization which is CUMULUS, International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media, as the Executive Board Member and then Vice President during 2010-2016.
I know exactly how an international organization operates.
If I can be re-elected, I’d like to put my main efforts to enable this great organization to connect and contribute to the members much more than before. Without the members, an organization means NOTHING!

Without the engagement of the members, an organization can do NOTHING, not ever mention the great goals such as designing for SDG! I believe it is becoming crucial for the success of WDO.
Having been at the leadership position of a highest ranked design school in Asia (According to QS ranking in 2019) for almost ten years, and a Vice President of China Industrial Design Association, I will also help WDO connect better to China’s industries and academic society widely.
I truly believe the mission and vision of WDO, now the key issue is to make it happen. I’m ready for all kinds of challenges and I hope we can work together!




PhD of Urban Design,
Tongji University


Executive Board Member and Vice President, CUMULUS
International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media, 2010-2016
Board Member, ICSID/WDO, 2015-2017
Founder, Tektao Design Studio, 2002-till now
the Order of the Lion of Finland as a Knight, First Class, 2014


Dean, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University
Member, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences
Vice President, China Industrial Design Association
Chairman, Advisory Board of University of Applied Arts Vienna
Editorial Board Member, Design Issues (MIT press)
Founding Executive Editor, SheJi, the Journal of Design, Economics and Innovation (Elsevier)