2019-2021 WDO Board Nominee

Sam Bucolo

Sam Bucolo
Good Design Australia
Promotional Member

Through my career spanning 30+ years as an lndustrial Designer, I have been able to push the boundaries and demonstrate the role and value of design within our ever-increasing complex society. Most recently I have been working on supporting the strategic transformation of Australia’s most critical and trade exposed sectors through design-based practices.

I hope to use my expertise and networks to continue to position Industrial Design at the center of global government policy and industry think tanks. The UN SDG’s provide a platform to focus our efforts and although there has been significant global work undertaken in responding to these goals

through a design-led approach, more urgent effort is now required to ensure we don’t risk just talking about design as part of the solution – but that we show tangible and practical outcomes when design has been positioned strategically at the heart of these global goals.

This approach will require the lndustrial Design community to amplify its collaboration with other design and engineering disciplines to provide a common and consistent voice – lndustrial Designers can’t do this
alone – we need to bring all the other professions with us. Most importantly we must provide the evidence of impact to deliver prosperity and grow the standard of living for all, through well designed solutions and initiatives spanning all sectors of design, architecture, engineering and scientific endeavours.

I am also deeply passionate about providing the necessary support to all our design education institutions to ensure we are preparing our graduates with the skills and knowledge they will require to continue to grow our profession. Our future rests with the next generation of designers and thinkers and we need to ensure they are equipped with the right skills to help bring design-led innovation to some of the biggest challenges facing our world.




Doctor of Philosophy,
(QUT) 2008

Master of Applied Science – Research,
(QUT) 1994

Graduate Diploma lndustrial Design,
(QUT), 1991

Bachelor of Applied Science – lndustrial Design,
(QUT), 1990


2018 – Design Thinker in Residence, Meat and Livestock Australia
2018 – Adjunct Professor, Swinburne University, Australia
2014-2019 Vice President and Executive Board Member Cumulus Association
2013-2017 Director of lnnovation and Engagement / Professor Design lnnovation, University of Technology Sydney
2009-2013 Professor Design lnnovation, Queensland University of Technology
2008-2009 – CTO Diversionary Therapy Technologies
2003-2008 – R&D Director CRC for lnteraction Design
2000+ – Consultant, Strategic Design SME and MNE.


I have held senior appointments, the most recent being Design Thinker in Residence for Meat & Livestock Australia. As part of this role, I am responsible for embedding strategic design practices to large industry transformation programs to drive new research opportunities and sector level cultural change. l am also an elected Fellow of the Design lnstitute of Australia and has received an Australian Design Honours from the Australian Design Centre, I also remain a Professor of Design through an Adjunct Professorship with Swinburne University, Australia.