In collaboration with NUST MISIS, 2050.LAB is inviting design students to apply to their Master’s programme Industrial Design and Engineering. As part of the programme, students will explore 26 subjects, including CAD modeling, materials science, design thinking and design methodologies. In addition to providing a deep immersion into the process of creating a product, the programme also represents an adaptive experience that promptly responds to the rapidly changing demands of the modern industry.

While students can begin applying to the programme as of 20 June 2022, those with graduate degrees or some form of higher education are invited to partake in a design works competition, whereby the winners will be able them to forgo entry exam requirements.

To take part in the NUST MISIS competition, named after academic A.A. Bochvar, students must submit a semester or term paper, a popular science article, and their relevant research.  Through a series of qualifying and final stages, participants will be required to defend their work, and the winners will be awarded entrance into the Master’s program. Applications are open until 30 April 2022.

Another tool for admission to the Master’s program is the Second All-Russian Digital Design Competition Design Challenge, organized again by 2050.LAB in partnership with NUST MISIS. Design Challenge laureates will receive additional points for their entrance tests for the Master’s program Industrial Design and Engineering. Any designer who owns the CATIA computer-aided design system or wants to improve their skills can compete.

The Design Challenge will kick off on 28 June 2022, at the time of the announcement of the terms and conditions. On 29 June, World Industrial Design Day, the final day of the Design Day 2050 conference will be held, and a public defense of projects will take place. The works will then be evaluated by a jury of leading experts in the field of industrial design and engineering, and a series of exclusive preparatory Master classes on 3D Graphics will be held for all participants of the competition.

About National Center for Industrial Design and Innovation 2050.LAB

2050.LAB is engaged in projects to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of local products in the Russian and international markets, as well as research and development work for the transport and engineering complex enterprises in the Russian Federation. Designers, engineers, and technologists in 2050.LABS with work experience in leading industrial design bureaus in Russia and Europe are engaged in integrating industrial design global trends into the Russian industry. 2050.LAB forms a global brand ecosystem from just the industrial design of objects to business culture, environment, and thinking design.

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