Montreal (Canada) – The following organisations have been admitted to membership as of January 2012.

OMC Design Studios (Italy) has been admitted to the corporate pillar, joining Alessi as the second Italian member within the corporate membership pillar. The company strives to change reality through creative energy and through membership in Icsid, supports Icsid’s role internationally as an advocate of good design, professional designers and design-oriented companies.

JSC South Kuban Design Factory (SKDF) (Russia) has been admitted to the associate pillar of membership. SKDF creates high-tech consumer products by implementing state of the art technology, packed in a fashionable and ergonomic case design for affordable consumer prices. The company’s membership in Icsid further strengthens Russia’s representation within the international industrial design community and Icsid’s projects and events.

The executive board reviews membership applications at its regular meetings during the course of the term. Applications that meet with the membership requirements outlined in the constitution and by-laws are provisionally approved by the executive board and presented to the membership for official ratification at the subsequent general assembly.

These new provisional members will be presented to the XXVIII General Assembly in October in Istanbul, Turkey, for ratification along with all other provisional memberships approved by the executive board during the course of this term. In the meantime, provisional members enjoy all the same benefits as ratified members.

More information on membership, including the different membership types and the benefits of membership, is available at