Montreal (Canada) – While approaching the close of the 2009-2011 term in October, the Icsid Executive Board has provisionally approved the following three new educational membership applications from India.

ARCH Academy of Design was founded in 2000 with the objective of providing industrially relevant education and specialized training in the field of design. The academy joins Icsid to develop collaborations with other advanced educational foreign institutions and public and private organizations to guide the future development its academic programmes.

National Institute of Creative Communication was founded in 2003 in Bangalore and by 2010 had established ten specialized academic programmes, including product design. Through membership in Icsid, the institute aims to strengthen and widen its international collaboration initiatives, actively participate in the international design community and serve as a catalyst for design initiatives in and from India
MIT Institute of Design was founded in Pune in 2006. Despite the lengthy list of corporate relationships the institute has cultivated, it also seeks to nurture relationships with small scale and rural industries. The institute also seeks, through Icsid, to leverage India’s heritage, design capabilities, aesthetics and creative genius to become a “Design Hub”.

The board noted the energy and diversity these young educational institutions would bring to the educational pillar of Icsid Membership, which has welcomed the most new memberships this term.

These new provisional members enjoy all the same benefits as ratified members but may not vote, nominate for the executive board, or be nominated until the next general assembly officially approves their membership. They will be presented to the XXVII General Assembly in October in Taipei, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei), for ratification along with all other provisional memberships approved by the executive board this term.

For more information on membership, including eligibility and the application process, please contact Georgia Johnston, Member Relations and Administrative Assistance.