Montreal (Canada) – The 1 May deadline may have passed, but the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) is still receiving a number of great video submissions in response to the  “describe industrial design in 10 seconds or less” YouTube challenge for World Industrial Design Day 2012.

The response to this challenge has been positive. Industrial designers, students and enthusiasts have taken a creative approach to answering a seemingly simple question, “What is industrial design?” To date, no two answers are identical, though there are strong currents that link the videos together, such as using design to improve life.

Keep those videos coming
Encouraged by the international response already received, interested individuals should continue to submit their creative videos until 1 June 2012. Following that, Icsid will compile a global definition of industrial design on 29 June 2012, World Industrial Design Day.

Participating in this challenge is simple and a great way to celebrate industrial design.

Watch the video originally launched on 12 April 2012, for more information and instructions on how to participate.

What are YOU doing?
While the video is a great way to participate in the global discussion, we want to know how you will spend your Friday 29 June 2012? Are you planning an event or attending one? Is it a lecture, a roundtable, an activity that involves your entire community? Icsid encourages everyone to be creative in their celebrations of World Industrial Design Day. See events from prior years for ideas. If you know of an event happening in your community, contact us at and we’ll promote the activity on our website and through Facebook and Twitter.

If you’ve already recorded a video and want to do more, download our “10 ways to celebrate” for ideas.

Feeling Ambitious?
If you’re planning a public event, there are a number of documents that you can request from public officials to support your initiatives and raise awareness about the World Industrial Design Day events you are hosting. Through the support of your local mayor’s office, state senator or Member of Parliament, you can make a request for a letter of greeting, letter of commendation or an official proclamation.

Download Icsid‘s guide for more information and a draft proclamation and get your city involved in World Industrial Design Day.

There are only 6 weeks left before World Industrial Design Day, the time to start planning is now!

For more information, please contact:

Natalie Dutil
Icsid Communications Officer
t: + 1 514 448 4949 ext. 223