A series of events connected Icsid with the Parisian design community  in celebration of Paris’ ongoing role in Icsid’s development.

Primarily, Icsid joined its long-standing member, l’Agence pour la Promotion de la Création Industrielle (APCI) for its annual European Design Promotion Conference on January 8-9 at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie.

The launch of Icsid’s jubilee celebration in Paris was in fact most appropriate as it was during a Parisian industrial design congress in 1953 that the inspiration for Icsid was first born. What’s more, there in Paris at the Quai Voltaire, housed the Icsid Secretariat from 1957 to 1974. Since then, Icsid has continually maintained very close links with the City of Paris since it was founded.

This year’s APCI conference entitled ‘Designing Design Support’ dealt with issues facing the various stakeholders of design. Through a variety of keynote speakers including Icsid Senator Luigi Ferrara (Canada) and a number of panel discussions, topics addressed included the need for design support, finance for design support and the role of networks in design support activities.

The event was an exemplary celebration highlighting Icsid’s past, as well as a befitting platform for discussions on contemporary design issues. As such, the two-day event effectively embodied the spirit in which Icsid’s yearlong celebratory programme was created – as a testament not only to Icsid’s past, but as a beacon to its future.

An official reception was hosted at the Hotel de Ville on January 9 where more than 200 people from the design community were welcomed by Ms. Lyne Cohen-Solal, Paris City Trade & Arts Officer, who highlighted the contribution of design to the economic climate of Paris.  Icsid President, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec had the opportunity to address the audience and thanked APCI and the City of Paris, for its prominent and continued role in the development of Icsid.

On January 10, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Luigi Ferrara and past Board members Michael Thomson (United Kingdom) and Anne-Marie Boutin (France) met with local designers and design promoters to discuss the issues facing organisations such as Icsid. The changing role and nature of designers was seen as both a challenge and an opportunity for Icsid as it moves beyond its 50th year and the forum provided useful considerations for Icsid’s future.

On that same day, Icsid Senator Luigi Ferrara addressed Parisian students at Icsid member school Les Ateliers to discuss the future of design. This interactive forum provided encouraging results, as these young designers showed a strong commitment towards becoming active participants in the global design community.

Icsid’s future continues to look bright.

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