Sustainable Packaging

WDO and World Packaging Organisation have launched a two-week virtual World Design Challenge to take place from 24 May – 4 June 2021 to rethink and redesign sustainable packaging. Focusing on solutions that are food-safe, easy to use and with a low environmental footprint, participants can expect to work on one of the following challenge statements:

  1. How can we design sustainable packaging solutions for e-commerce?
  2. How can we redesign packaging that reduces consumer food waste?
  3. How can we develop sustainable solutions to food service delivery packages to reduce packaging waste in particular with online food ordering and delivery platforms, as well as meal kit providers?
  4. How do we design sustainable packaging for healthy and on-the-go lifestyles?
  5. How can we improve packaging sustainability in communities where no collection systems are in place?
  6. How can we develop packaging that is child-proof but easy to open for the elderly and those with physical vulnerabilities?
  7. How can we change/engage consumer behaviour to help increase sustainable habits such as recycling, reusing, upcycling, composting and reducing food waste?

Expected outcomes of this initiative are to include shareable design-led solutions that can be extended to both packaging industries and other sectors as a way to encourage waste prevention, engage and educate consumers and foster more sustainable business models.

Hear some of the background on the collaboration between WDO and WPO prior to the launch of the World Design Challenge on Sustainable Packaging. Packaging Europe’s Tim Sykes moderates the discussion between WDO’s Srini Srinivasan and WPO’s Pierre Pienaar.