Project Cycle

Stage 1: Nominations
The nomination period lasts at least two months and takes place every other spring. Any individual who knows of an industrial design driven project that seeks to benefit society is invited to make a nomination. For more details on the eligibility criteria, click here.

Stage 2: Shortlist Selection
The World Design Impact Prize Review Panel receives information about each project and evaluates them based on the criteria outlined by Icsid. They convene in the fall to generate a shortlist with a maximum of seven (7) projects.

Stage 3: Voting
Once the shortlist is announced, Icsid Members vote online for the finalists and winner over a period of two months. The finalists are announced in the January newsletter.

Stage 4: Presentation of World Design Impact Prize winner
Nearly one year after the launch of the cycle, the winner is announced at the World Design Capital® International Design Gala.