WDA 2021 Bid Process

WDO is seeking a host for its 32nd World Design Assembly to take place in 2021

Bids may be submitted from any entity interested in aligning WDO’s international design network of prominent design associations, design school, corporations and municipalities with an existing or newly established local design event or programme such as a design week or conference.

The World Design Assembly is a multi-day event, which includes WDO’s general assembly and a one-day research and education forum, as well as a one-day closing conference.

Download the WDA Bidding Guide for detailed information on submitting a bid.


Please note that the bidding deadline has been extended to 31 October 2020.

14 April

Bidding for 2021 World Design Assembly opens

14 April – 1 October

Question and Answer Period

15 May – 1 October

Deadline to submit Non-Disclosure Agreement

1 June – 31 October

Signing the Event Agreement

31 October

Submission deadline


Review of all submissions by WDO Board of Directors

For questions, please contact WDO Communications Manager, Natalie Dutil at communications@wdo.org