The international Design Conference was held on the second day of the 33rd World Design Assembly in Tokyo. Under the banner of Design Beyond, the conference featured inspiring keynotes and breakout sessions from leading designers around the world.

Keynote Speakers

About Tim Ingold

Tim is a social anthropologist whose interests range from human ecology, evolutionary theory, environmental perception and skilled practice to art, architecture and design. He is fellow of the British Academy and the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and in 2022 was awarded the CBE for services to Anthropology.

About Marianne Mensah

Marianne Mensah is the Founder of the Climate Innovation Education Lab (CIEL) whose purpose is to advise business on their sustainable transformation, building on their power to innovate. Through higher education, Marianne Mensah engages young designers to become catalysts of the development of a regenerative society. Marianne Mensah serves on the board of associations focused on climate education and creativity inspired by nature.

Keynote & Plenary Discussion

About Ana-Arriola Kanada

Ana is a queer latine, mother of four, award-winning product designer and researcher, and the Executive Director of IDEO Tokyo, Japan. With a focus on software and hardware as a service, consumer electronics, lifestyle experiences, UX/UI systems, and ethics & AI, Ana’s designs are based on the principles of being human, simple, and authentic.

About Seiichi Saito

Seiichi studied architectural design at Columbia University School of Architecture in the United States. He leads Panoramatics and has served as a planning and implementation advisor for many government agencies and companies.

2022 World Design Medal Laureate

About Dr. Patricia Moore

Dr. Patricia Moore is a Designer and Gerontologist recognized for her Empathic Elder Experience and the promotion of Inclusive and Universal Design for global equity and life quality for all.

Humanity Breakout Session

About Minako Ikeda

She explores the possibilities of design by applying editorial thinking. And she is involved in design projects aimed at passing on the culture and techniques of traditional crafts.

About Dominique Chen

Information Scientist. Interested in human-computer interaction, augmented reality, human augmentation through technology, and human-AI integration.

About Jun Rekimoto

Information Scientist. Interested in human-computer interaction, augmented reality, human augmentation through technology, and human-AI integration.

About Cameron Sinclair

Cameron Sinclair is founder of Worldchanging Institute, an US based research organization focused on architectural and design solutions to humanitarian crisis. Additionally, he writes on architecture and design as well as advising family foundations on philanthropy. Cameron also is the co-founder of Half Kingdom Gin.

Planet Breakout Session

About Eisuke Tachikawa

Design strategist for creating a hopeful future. Advocate of “Evolutionary Thinking,” a new creativity education based on the principles of life.

About Dwinita Larasati

A lecturer/researcher at FSRD ITB, Focal Point of Bandung City of Design UNESCO Creative Cities Network; Executive Committee of Indonesia Creative Cities Network, makes & publishes graphic diary.

About Monika Koncz-MacKenzie

After graduating from the University of Bonn, Germany with an M.A. in Anthropology and Sociology she moved to the UK in 2006, where she worked as a Leadership Consultant on culture change and multi-stakeholder innovation processes. She now works with Senior Design leaders from large corporates to create enabling conditions to design for a circular economy.

About Daijiro Mizuno

Born in Tokyo, Japan. After graduating from high school, he studied at the Royal College of Art in the U.K., where he received his M.F.A. and Ph. D. Since returning to Japan, he has been engaged in cross-disciplinary design research with a focus on fashion design.

Policy Breakout Session

About Muhammad Neil El Himam

Muhammad Neil El Himam, M.Sc, joined the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) in 2020 as Director of Digital Economy for Application and Governance. His career in government office began when he took the position as Junior Supervisor (Class II/a) in the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) in 1989, Director of ICT Infrastructure and Facilitation for Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) from 2015 – 2019. Due to his educational background in engineering, and also the expertise in ICT field, Muhammad Neil El Himam is now trusted to serve as Deputy for Digital Economy and Creative Products for the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy since August, 2020.

About Takashi Asanuma

After graduating from graduate school, he worked in experience design at business and consulting companies, and was appointed Chief Digital Officer of the Digital Agency of the Japanese Government in September 2021, and Vice-Minister for Digital Transformation, Chief Officer of the Digital Agency from April 2022.

About Anna Whicher

Anna’s professional passions focus on developing, implementing and evaluating government policies, services and programmes using design methods. She has supported governments around the world to develop policy labs and design action plans.

About Chi-Yi Chang

Chi-Yi CHANG is the President of Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI),Board Member of the World Design Organization,and Professor at the Graduate Institute of Architecture at the National Chiao Tung University,Vice Chairman at Xue Xue Foundation. He was the Deputy governor of Taitung County Government. Previously Vice President for General Affairs in National Chiao Tung University,the director of the Graduate Institute of Architecture in National Chiao Tung University and the director of A+@ Architecture Studio, he has published several books including Contemporary Architecture: the Concept of Aesthetic, European Charm: New Architecture, and Contemporary Architecture of North American in Focus.

About Kinya Tagawa

As principal, he leads Takram, a design firm that handles a wide range of innovation and branding themes from cosmetics to aerospace engineering.

Technology Breakout Session

About Yutaka Matsuo

Completed his Ph.D. at the University of Tokyo in 2002. Ph.D. (Engineering). Professor at the University of Tokyo since 2019. His areas of expertise are artificial intelligence, deep learning, and web mining.

About Koji Sasaki

Koji Sasaki, PhD is an anthropologist. For Hitachi, he has led various projects on social and ecological systems change, including Transitions for Sustainable Futures. He is also Senior Researcher at Keio University.

About Miyuki Tanaka

Miyuki has been working on exhibitions, performances, and various projects that defy categorization under the theme of “disability as a perspective that redefines the world.”

About Suzanne Mooney

Mooney is an Irish media artist and associate professor at Tama Art University, Tokyo. Her current research explores the immersive potential of technology in the arts and contemporary culture.