WDO Research and Education Forum

In conjunction with the 33rd World Design Assembly, the Research and Education Forum 2023 is a one-day event taking place on 27 October in Tokyo (Japan). Under the banner of Design Beyond, the forum will bring together designers, academics, students and design professionals to further enhance the future of design research and education through a series of thematic presentations and discussions. This opportunity to present and exchange advances and trends in design education is of unparalleled value and allows for students and designers to participate and exchange with their peers from around the globe.


Read through the guidelines to better understand the requirements and deadlines for each type of submission. 


Design Beyond

As design continues to evolve, so too do the challenges facing our world. In its growing intersection with technology, and its impact on humanity and the environment, how can design continue to be a force for good in our highly complex world?

This track invites explorations and debates that leverage our understanding of design and designing for humanity. We invite contributions from various practice-based and thinking viewpoints that highlight projects where design plays a key role on social impact covering different dimensions such as design for peace, design for social change, design for social innovation, social inclusion, social cohesion, etc.

Digital and physical technologies have radically transformed the way we live and work. Technology is one of the drivers of humanity’s future. As a product of humans, it exists because we have designed, made, financed, disseminated, accepted and use it. However, it can also embody the negative as much as positive qualities of humanity. As we look to the future, what could the role of technology be towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals? What can design for technology do to ensure social impact for the SDGs?

This track aims to highlight design research, training projects, educational tools and methods capable of generating products and services that trigger behavioural change for Planet Earth. These inspiring recommendations, would generate in individuals, as well as in communities, a new conscious and engaging push to change habits and adopt virtuous behaviours.


Design Research Institute, Chiba University 

Established in 2021, Chiba University’s Design Research Institute is an extension of the school’s larger academic environment, which includes 10 faculties and 17 graduate schools on four campuses in Chiba Prefecture and one in metropolitan Tokyo. The University’s Design Research Institute specializes in design research as a place for trial and error and simulation of all kinds of ideas related to everyday life. 

The Design Research Institute is located at Chiba’s Sumida Satellite Campus: 1-19-1, Bunka, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 131-0044 Japan


All submissions must be made online through the EventsAir platform. Once content is submitted, it cannot be revised or edited. All extended abstracts, posters and videos will be reviewed by committee members and reviewers. Deadline for submissions has now been extended to 10 July 2023

For any questions during this process, please contact eduforum@wdo.org