Prior to nominating or submitting an application for the World Design Medal, review the guidelines below and the eligibility criteria to understand the terms and management of this award.

General Rules

  1. This medal is organized by the World Design Organization (WDO)® and administered by its Secretariat.
  2. By completing a nomination form, all applicants agree to the terms and conditions in full. WDO reserves the right to change, cancel, and suspend any part of the medal for any reasons beyond its control.
  3. WDO assumes no responsibility for technical or natural events that prevent the submission or selection of a recipient.
  4. WDO reserves the right to not award the medal in any given term. 
  5. WDO reserves the right to identify Honourable Mentions or have no designers shortlisted depending on the calibre of nominations submitted.
  6. WDO reserves the right at any time to reject submission(s) that do not meet the eligibility criteria. 
  7. WDO reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. These amendments will be communicated publicly.

Nomination Process

  1. Nominations must be submitted via an online form on wdo.submit.com.
  2. There is no fee to submit a nomination.
  3. Nominations must be received by 23:55:59 EDT on 11 May 2022. 
  4. Late submissions will not be accepted. The WDO Secretariat is not responsible for late submissions due to computer or telecommunication failures.
  5. Individuals as well as any relatives (colleague, design firm, team or family member) directly or indirectly concerned with WDO are automatically excluded from participating, as well as excluded from carrying out, assisting in any way an entry to the medal. Any involvement whatsoever will result in automatic disqualification from the medal.

How to Enter

  1. Candidates can either be nominated by a third party and subsequently fill out the application form, or submit their candidacy directly. 
  2. The forms are available on wdo.submit.com and must be completed online in English.
  3. There is no fee to enter. 
  4. Deadline ends 23:55:59 EDT on 11 May 2022. 

Selection Process

  1. The WDO Secretariat will ensure that nominees meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the call for nominations. The Secretariat will not judge the nominations on quality but will only ensure compliance with the eligibility criteria and terms. 
  2. The Secretariat will pass along all submissions that meet the eligibility criteria to the Selection Committee, comprising WDO Board members and Senators. 
  3. The Selection Committee will meet in June 2022 to select the recipient.
  4. WDO reserves the right to call in additional subject matter experts to assist the Selection Committee or substitute a Selection Committee member in the case of illness or unavailability. Any changes to the Selection Committee will be communicated publicly as soon as practicable.
  5. All nominees, including the recipient, will be informed of the status of their submission by email on or before 30 June 2022.
  6. All nominees will accept the decision as final and binding. No further discussion or correspondence about the results shall be entered into. 

Announcement of recipient

  1. The recipient will be announced during WDO’s World Industrial Design Day™ celebrations on 29 June 2022. They will be invited to attend a virtual ceremony and give a brief presentation. By submitting an application, the recipient agrees to participate in this event.
  2. The recipient will receive a medal, to be shipped directly to them following the ceremony.

Ownership/IP rights

The intellectual property shall remain the property of the nominee. It is the responsibility of the nominee to protect their intellectual property, as submitted information about the nominee and their work will be shared with the public via the WDO website and social media.

Equal Opportunity

In accordance with WDO’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, the organization encourages nominations from people of colour, Indigenous people, women, people with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and other underrepresented and historically marginalized groups.

The WDO Secretariat will make all reasonable efforts to facilitate the completion of nominations regardless of technical and language barriers.

Personal Information

  1. All contact information provided during the nomination process will be restricted to use by the WDO Secretariat only and will not be made publicly available or provided to any third party without the express consent of the individual(s) involved.
  2. By entering the World Design Medal, nominees agree to the use by WDO of all images, videos and descriptions across all media channels, including the Internet, in communications to the WDO Membership and the general public. This agreement covers materials and communications created after the year ends and includes any future promotional materials by WDO.
  3. The recipient of the medal agrees to take part in any publicity and promotional activity surrounding the medal and its future iterations. As part of their ambassadorial role they may be asked to participate in activities and interviews as suggested by WDO. The recipient may be asked to be part of publicity opportunities but have the right to decline any opportunity they do not wish to personally be involved in.

If you have any questions, please contact