Young Designers Circle 2023-2025



Verónica Albarrán-Carrillo


Verónica Albarrán-Carrillo is a Mexican architect and social scientist. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, a Master’s Degree in Projects for Urban Development and a Ph.D. in Design. Her doctoral studies on habitability patterns and their ability to help diagnose house design needs for resettled communities was awarded Honorific Mention at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico. Her current research delves into people, places, and wellbeing. Verónica has worked as a designer for architecture firm Legorreta, as a research assistant for the Iberoamerican University, and as a consultant for UNDP and the Federal Organization CIIT.



Valeria Aviles

El Salvador

Valeria is a designer of handmade products from El Salvador, enthusiastic about teaching and textile design. Her experience includes working as a textile designer, illustrator and consultant for projects focused on children’s educational development. During her academic training she conducted a research on how political, economic and social influences have affected the development of textile crafts in the communities of Santiago Texacuangos and San Sebastian, an endeavor that laid the foundation for her focus on human-centered design and the preservation of traditional craft techniques. Her approach focuses on experimentation, design strategies and social outreach, her goal is to provide tools that empower youth from at-risk communities, as well as the preservation of Salvadoran cultural identity through design.

Valeria is currently working on the development of an educational program in the community of Montelimar, Olocuilta, El Salvador. Focused on the literacy of children who have been impacted in their educational formation because of gangs.


João Dluhosch


João Dluhosch completed his Bachelor’s in Industrial Design at the Federal University of Paraná, in Brazil, and soon followed his academic studies at the Politecnico di Milano, in the Integrated Product Design Master of Science program. Currently a consultant specialized in co-creation processes and service design ideation and implementation, his focus is in systemic approaches and behavioral triggers that interact with service touchpoints. He believes in the democratic role that design can perform through the translation of complex and abstract scenarios into emotionally relatable, day-to-day situations, supporting a socially positive vision of the future.


Luis Domínguez

El Salvador

I am Luis Domínguez, an Artisanal Product Designer with over 5 years of experience in sustainable and responsible innovation. My work includes the development of sustainable design methodologies for artisanal designers, creation of smart and sustainable materials, planning of design projects for community development, and the implementation of emotional design strategies for product innovation. I believe in design as a method-centered and humanistic activity that has the power to bring positive change to our world, regardless of scale or profitability. Currently, I serve as the RD&I Manager at local brand Susana Díaz, specializing in emotional and sustainable textile innovation.

Noha Essam_2

Noha Essam


Assoc. Professor of Interior Architecture & Interdisciplinary Design, Strategic Foresight
Consultant, Environmental Psychologist. Founder of Studio ne+

Dr. Noha Essam is an award winning design academic, Interdisciplinary designer, Foresight consultant, and environmental psychologist. She serves as a design professor and an educational consultant at a number of reputable universities in Egypt and abroad. She received the leadership accolade of WDO for her excellence in the design driven foresight research in the design education context that works in alignment with the UNDP. She is a member of African Circular Economic Network (ACEN). She is also a Global Ambassador and Advocate of Sustainability. She is the founder of Studio ne+ where she bring in how to move the masses and change behaviour through her foresight based design approach and trend forecasting techniques that tackle design from different context and perspective. Her researches develop better understandings of the relations between sustainable design education, and the creative industry with a focus on the multidisciplinary studies of future literacy and speculation. Noha’s consultancy practices side to side with her academic background enhances the language of creativity in the design community.


Arberesha Ibrahimi

North Macedonia

Arberesha Ibrahimi is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture, in Slovenia. She is also engaged as a teaching assistant in the Department of Architecture at the Faculty of Engineering, International Balkan University in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia. Her academic journey reflects a deep commitment to the fields of architecture and education. Arberesha earned her Master’s degree in architecture from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, building upon her strong foundation in the field. Her educational path began with a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the State University of Tetovo, Faculty of Applied Science, Department of Architecture in Tetovo. Beyond her academic and research pursuits, Arberesha has amassed significant experience in design and interior design, further enhancing her expertise. Her career aspiration revolves around reshaping the way people live through architectural solutions that emphasize community and cultural heritage. Her approach is characterized by innovation and inclusivity. Arberesha Ibrahimi is dedicated to creating spaces that inspire a profound sense of belonging and identity.

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Eunice Joy Ison


Eunice, a Filipino Industrial Designer pursuing MBA, is committed to designing beautiful and good products, services, systems, and strategies that are viable, feasible, desirable, and sustainable. She envisions design flourishing experiences that harmonize nature and humans. She is passionate about uplifting communities and capacity-building.

As Community Development Director at JCI-MPU, she led UNSDG initiatives on environment, peace, and gender equality, bridging the public-private sector through strategic partnerships. At San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation, she introduced Design Thinking method, integrating it in its culture creating the innovative ‘Pantry Sessions’. Her work involves designing sustainable packaging products and championing innovations and product developments.

Carlos Jarquin


Carlos Jarquin is an interdisciplinary product designer who has championed design thinking and empathic understanding over four years of professional experience across health, fintech, and startup spaces to empower communities through thoughtful interventions. Whether he’s enhancing mileage tracking for over a million daily drivers or reimagining how community members and medical professionals utilize opioid poisoning prevention and intervention resources, Carlos appreciates the transformative power of considerate design. Carlos is completing a Master of Engineering in Integrated Product Design at the University of Pennsylvania and aspires to continue serving communities through transdisciplinary action and emerging design following graduation.

Tanmay Karan


Tanmay Karan, hailing from India, is a versatile and dedicated professional standing at the crossroads of architecture and game design. He is currently working as a game designer while completing his post-graduation in the “game design” discipline at the National Institute of Design, Bangalore, further leveling up in the design profession. His expertise lies in creating mobile games for children, skillfully integrating educational elements into gameplay, and rendering learning an enjoyable and integral part of the gaming experience.

Tanmay actively seeks opportunities to interact with like-minded people and have open discussions about design and its positive influence on our lives and society.

Nesibe Kaya


I am a user experience designer with a background in industrial design, holding a master’s degree in the same field. My academic journey delved into the user acceptance of emerging technologies. My professional career began concurrently in Turkey, where I worked on the interface design of smart home appliances, allowing for mobile control. Subsequently, I designed a mobile application for Istanbul residents, streamlining access to municipal services. Presently, I’m immersed in the B2B realm, focusing on a product that simplifies accounting and managerial tasks for businesses. I am also engrossed in AI technology, actively pursuing project development. My career is marked by creating intuitive interfaces that enhance user experiences, and I thrive in multicultural, collaborative environments.


Rahul Kumbhar


As an experienced designer at Dassault Systèmes, he has been combining his passion for innovative technology with keen eye for Design. By working on cutting edge Virtual Twin solutions, he has contributed on the projects that redefine the way we design, simulate & produce products. His work at Dassault Systèmes has been marked by a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the fields of Aerospace, Automotive & industrial Design. Through a blend of creativity & technical expertise, he has played pivotal role in helping different clients harnessing power of technology in shaping better & sustainable products, ensuring they achieve greater efficiency & competitiveness.



Jineson Lee

South Korea

I am Jinseon Lee, an industrial designer from South Korea. My job as a designer is like a tour guide that leads me to new countries. It always gives me the courage to do something unfamiliar. I believe my working experience in Seoul, Singapore, and Munich has made me more able to understand diverse cultures and people, and broaden my horizons. My biggest goal is to design with people delightfully all my life. And believe this opportunity as Young Design Circle will allow me to navigate with more diverse experiences with the amazing members together.


José Tomás Marchant


José Tomás Marchant, a Chilean Industrial Designer with a master’s degree from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and currently pursuing an MSc in Systemic Design at Politecnico di Torino, is committed to enhancing user experiences and company value propositions through agile, collaborative, and innovative design methodologies. With a diverse background spanning social innovation, service design, and UX specialization, he has contributed to global projects both in educational and professional realms. His pivotal role involves project implementation, contemplation, and outcome analysis, equipping him with the skills to effectively manage end-to-end design initiatives, ranging from user experience improvements to corporate value proposition enhancements.


André Medina


André Medina (he/him) believes that cohesive storytelling and adaptability are keys to translating the view from 30,000 ft. As a Program Manager, Onboard Brand Experience at Delta Air Lines, he leverages consumer insights and commercial strategy to lead product differentiation through human-centered design. André also serves as the President of Green Up – Delta’s Sustainability Resource Group, empowering 4,000+ global members to enable sustainable initiatives and drive positive change. He was recognized with multiple accolades, including the American Marketing Association’s Atlanta Marketer of the Year. André speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish; and is certified in Design Thinking by Harvard.


Manuel Ovalle


Manuel is a Guatemalan industrial designer who has dedicated a significant portion of his career to the application and development of additive manufacturing methods for construction and high-fidelity prototyping. With his work, Manuel aims to create products and spaces that promote more sustainable behaviors in users while proposing alternative materials and processes to empower the local industry. Some of his independent projects have been selected for international competitions, as well as projects in collaboration with the brands he works for. Additionally, Manuel is passionate about education and serves as a design professor at local universities.


Martín Pérez


Martín Pérez is an engineer in industrial design, with a strong academic background. He holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in the field and is working on his PhD in Generative Design and 3D Printing. With practical experience as an industrial designer and as a future trends’ consultant, he applied his expertise in various non-profit projects, such as a project with Free Design Bank where his team solved challenges through design for a community in Senegal.

Currently, he is a professor of industrial design at CEU Cardinal Herrera University, sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with aspiring young designers.


Leslie Sern


Leslie Sern is a designer and maker whose passion for sustainability drives her work process and daily habits. She actively seeks out opportunities to better her community through participating in hackathons and local makers’ challenges and has collaborated on projects with the Red Cross and the United Nations. Her curiosity and willingness to take risks have strengthened her skills as a multi-disciplinary designer in industrial design, interior design, user experience, jewelry-smithing, and fashion. She hopes to connect with like-minded individuals in this cohort to make the world a more sustainable, and accessible place to live.


Arjit Singh


Arjit is a problem solver dedicated to bettering the world through design. He holds a bachelor’s in industrial design from Auburn University, USA, and a post-Graduate certificate in Interactive Media from George Brown College, Canada. With five years of diverse design experience, he champions a holistic approach, evaluating ecosystems pre-product-design. Presently, Arjit serves as a UX designer at ITRG in Canada, teaches Information-Architecture at GBC, and co-leads the development of an accessibility-first participation tool. His diverse life experiences, shaped by his varied socioeconomic background, enrich his role as a designer and enable him to approach problems from a global perspective.


Alicia Storie

United Kingdom

Alicia Storie is an award-winning eco-interior designer with over 10 years of experience in interior design. She is the founder of AdesignStorie, the Edinburgh-based interior design studio bringing sustainability to the core of the design process. AdesignStorie blends creativity and environmental practices to form biophilic interior environments.

In addition to her design work, she is a regular speaker and workshop host, sharing her expertise on eco-conscious design. She also holds the role of Climate Designers UK Hub Lead, where she champions the adoption of sustainable practices across the design industry.



Jana Beneito Molina


Originally from Spain, now based in Australia, Jana is a graphic designer recently graduated in ‘Design and Creative Technologies’ at Technical University of Valencia. She has a professional interest in social and universal design. Jana’s extensive volunteer experience with various social organizations has cultivated a broad perspective on different users’ needs. Her deep understanding of social issues and disabilities, as well as design, makes her a great asset to the ‘Young Designers Circle’, a space where she is eager to share her knowledge and raise awareness about the forgotten conditions in some sectors of the population as well as learning about other economic and environmental issues. Jana’s goal is improving these areas by using design as a tool.

(WDO) Young Designer's Circle Headshot (Sabrina Cheng)

Sabrina Cheng


Sabrina Cheng is a Junior Designer and consultant for the University of California San Diego’s Design Lab. Concurrently, she’s pursuing her undergraduate degrees in Interdisciplinary Computing and Art (B.A) and Cognitive Science: Specialization in Design Interaction (B.S). With a background in operations, she also works as an assistant manager at San Francisco’s Stern Grove Festivals- a non-profit who provides free accessible concert series for the public. She is passionate about improving user experiences when navigating within both physical and digital spaces. Additionally, she’s interested in examining various
interpersonal interactions that contribute towards successful symbiotic ecosystems.


Alexis Divis


Alexis Divis is a multidisciplinary designer hailing from Medina, Ohio. Her passion for design and creative problem-solving led her to pursue her BFA in Industrial Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design where she studied until 2023.

Inspired by her surroundings and fueled by curiosity, Alexis now works on Johnson & Johnson’s Experience Design team (XD) and is also a member of their Technology and Leadership Development Program (JJT TLDP). As a member of these groups, she brings her unique perspective and expertise to the table, contributing to the development of user-centric, compelling, and impactful products.

She loves to explore the application of emerging technologies within the field of design and hopes to create more powerful solutions with each and every project.


Natalia Enriquez


I am Natalia Enriquez, an industrial designer from the University of Nariño in southern Colombia. In my final university semester, my career has focused on social group assistance and empathetic innovation. I lead creative processes, cherish heritage conservation, and aim to protect craftsmanship to highlight Nariño’s culture. My future goal is community work, driven by my passion. I draw daily inspiration from cinema and art.

Alara Ertenü


Alara Ertenü is a biodesigner, material researcher and industrial designer based in İzmir, Türkiye. She strongly believes that in order to truly achieve sustainability, local wastes are an important starting point for working on biomaterials and demonstrating that these can be turned into everyday products right where we live.

She recently founded Alara Ertenü Studio which is an emerging design studio specialized in biomaterials and how they might be transformed into value-added products. To increase our impact, we ensure the sustainable growth of our initiatives by partnering with progressive companies in the sector, such as the award-winning circular material ‘Packioli’.


Adam Heath


Adam Heath is a Industrial Designer, currently working on designing and producing next generation spacesuits with Metakosmos ( As a person he is in awe of our species and has endless admiration for those that have come before us and what those here today have done to push humanity forward. As a designer, he sees it as his life goal to continue this forward and give something back for what the world has given to him, maximising human’s potential. With design and innovation being his passion, he hopes to work alongside others that share this vision and execute a better future.



Javeria Syed Muqtadir


I’m Javeria, an Industrial Design graduate from METU, Turkey. My diverse design journey has spanned sustainability, healthcare, renewable resources, and cutting-edge technologies from crafting user-centric medical devices to elevating digital experiences. Currently, I work as a Product designer, focused on uniting development and design solving complex problems by understanding user perception. With experience across various countries, including an internship at WDO, I’ve gained invaluable insights and continue to seek environmental and social sustainability projects, involving collaborative innovation. Committed to progress, I’m extremely excited to be selected for this program and looking forward to contributing and learning from fellow designers.


Sushmitha Nair


Sushmitha Nair is a creative designer and storyteller from India. Her design process is human-centric, placing people and their needs at the core of her creative approach. She believes in crafting designs that not only engage aesthetically but also resonate emotionally and functionally with the audience. Through her work, she aims to inform and inspire while pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of design and storytelling. Her work has gained recognition on a global scale, with features on prominent platforms and selection as a finalist in international challenges.


Nita Yudita Nalukwago


Nita Yudita is an Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner, from Kampala Uganda, with a background in Industrial Design Engineering and Product development. She has navigated the roles of a Design Strategist for a Tech company to a Graphic Designer at a record label. Now exploring sustainability in the luxury industry, with a simple mission to craft emotional experiences that blend innovation and aesthetics. Her journey is an exhilarating adventure to motivate others with her boundless imagination.


Başak Onbaşıoğlu


I’m Başak Onbaşıoğlu. I’m an Industrial Design student in the last year of my Bachelor’s degree
in Ozyegin University. I’m also pursuing a minor degree in Communication Design. I completed an exchange semester in Rome, Italy in Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie. Other than design, I enjoy learning languages. I’m learning Spanish and Italian. I also volunteer as mentor in Technovation Challenge, where young girls solve problems relating to the SDGs using mobile or AI technologies. I’m very excited to be a contributor of the Young Designers Circle and looking forward to collaborate with other designers of different backgrounds.


Yvonne Opoku-Agyeman


I am Yvonne Opoku-Agyeman, a continuing student of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) with a passion for Art and functional aesthetics.I major in Graphic Design and have a 3-year experience in the field. In that period learnt and am still learning how to use graphic-related software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and others. I have developed other skills such as public speaking, leadership & teamwork. I am driven by the dream of seeing my country’s current state of design change course for the better, understanding what it actually means to design for change. Lastly, I am also pursuing my interest in being a voice-over artist and in music. It is a privilege to be acquainted with this organization.


Caleigh Oxley


Caleigh Oxley is an enthusiastic designer with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and a Concentration in French, which she obtained from Auburn University in 2021. During her time at Auburn University, Caleigh’s passion for advocating for the well-being of others led her to discover her calling in bridging the gap between Mental Health and Design.

Currently based in Ontario, Caleigh works as a Service Designer and UX researcher, where her primary mission is to champion the mental and physical well-being of individuals in every project she undertakes. Whether it involves crafting facilitation guides that take people’s lived experiences into account or incorporating considerations for mental barriers into journey maps, Caleigh firmly believes in the significance of designing with subtlety to promote positive well-being.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Caleigh Oxley is thrilled and deeply honored to be part of the 2023-2025 cohort of the Young Designers Circle, where she looks forward to further advancing her commitment to enhancing the world through thoughtful and empathetic design solutions.


Andrea Robredo Cernicchiaro


Currently in her last year studying Industrial Design in Universidad Iberoamericana de Puebla. She has participated in several design contests and competitions, along with her team she received the prize “Premio Nacional de Diseño: Diseña MX” under the category of service and experience design. She believes in design as a driver of social change, promoting inclusion, equity, and sustainability. Her passion lies in projects that have a positive impact on her surroundings and create innovative solutions that improve life and the world around us.


Palash Shanker


Hello, my name is Palash I have studied Industrial Design at the National Institute of Design, India. I’m currently learning how design thinking can be used as a tool to address pressing social and environmental issues that we all face. Understanding systems and their interdependencies excites me a lot, and I strongly believe in the idea of co-creating solutions with the communities. I’m excited to explore such projects in my design journey.


Jaehyun Shin

South Korea

Jaehyun Shin studied communication and pursued a convergence curriculum focusing on HCI and Design thinking in Seoul National University. She holds a bachelor’;s degree in communication and information science. She is currently a public administrator at Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP), the national design organization of South Korea. Seeing design as an important strategy and a powerful visual communication tool that greatly impacts our social environment, she works on international programs and business strategies that can empower design professionals and the design industry.


Rhea Thomas

United Kingdom

Rhea Thomas is a transdisciplinary designer and social innovator passionate about tackling complex problems and creating holistic solutions that catalyze system-level change—merging design, technology, and behavioral sciences rooted in a human and planet-centric approach. She cares deeply about leading with optimism, compassion, and curiosity. These core values enable her to design ecosystems, strategies, and products to re-imagine a better future. Rhea is an advocate for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and has been recognized as a Goalkeeper by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for her contributions towards the 2030 agenda. She holds a joint MA/MSc in Global Innovation Design from the Royal College of Art & Imperial College London.