Montreal (Canada) Tuesday, 7 November 2023 – In an unprecedented tie held during its 33rd General Assembly in Tokyo (Japan) on 29 October 2023, World Design Organization (WDO)® held a vote for the ninth and final position on its 2023-2025 Board of Directors.

At the close of the voting period on 6 November 2023, the complete roster for the 2023-2025 Board of Directors comprises:


  • Thomas Garvey, School of Industrial Design, Carleton University (Canada)



  • Pradyumna Vyas, Confederation of Indian Industry (India)


Board members (in alphabetical order)

  • Anna Barbara, Scrl (Italy)
  • Laura Figueroa, Colegio de Profesionistas en Diseño de México, A.C. (COLDI.MX) (Mexico)
  • Oliver Lin, Taiwan Design Research Institute (Taiwan (Chinese Taipei))
  • Jesús Llinares, Andreu World (Spain)
  • Sonia Manchanda, Spread Design (India)
  • Ken Nah, Korea Institute of Design Promotion (South Korea)
  • Meghan Preiss, Aether Global Learning (USA)
  • Eisuke Tachikawa, Japan Industrial Design Association (Japan)
  • Benjamin Wilson, Braun GmbH (Germany)


The 2023 General Assembly proceedings, including the outcome of the tie-breaker vote, were overseen and confirmed by the appointed scrutineers Mr. Mario Gagnon (Canada) and Ms. Vesna Popovic (Australia).

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About WDO

World Design Organization (WDO)® is a globally recognized non-governmental organization with UN consultative status that aims to promote and advance the discipline of industrial design and its power to enhance economic, social, cultural and environmental quality of life. Founded in 1957, WDO services over 200 member organizations around the world, engaging thousands of individual designers through their innovative programming and initiatives that champion ‘design for a better world’.


About WDO’s Board of Directors

WDO Members elect the President-Elect and Board of Directors every new term during the WDO General Assembly. The elected Board consists of the President, President-Elect and nine Board Members.