• Project Leader

    Daryoush Allaei

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  • Designed By

    David Sellers

  • Project Location

    Palmyra Atoll

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SheerWind’s mission is to provide sustainable, affordable, electrical energy to anyone, anywhere. SheerWind’s INVELOX™ system (named for INcreased VELocity) is a cost effective, high performance electrical energy generation system. The funnel shaped shroud system captures wind to deliver it to ground-level turbines for secure, efficient and cost-effective operation. With no harm to humans or wildlife, it requires less maintenance, and produces more electricity per dollar than conventional systems. INVELOX is a simplified system requiring much smaller blades and far fewer electro-mechanical sub-systems. Placing 75% smaller blades in a shroud or Venturi section eliminates dangerous low frequency noise, vibration and flicker issues associated with conventional wind systems.

SheerWind’s technology was successfully adapted and installed at the very low wind, bird and wildlife sanctuary: The Nature Conservancy’s Palmyra Atoll. Located 1,000 miles south of Hawaii in the Pacific, a goal of 95% renewable energy use for the remote research station was set. INVELOX was the only viable wind solution for the location. Traditional turbines could harm the protected wildlife and simply would not produce power due to the low wind speeds and challenging conditions. By speeding up the wind, SheerWind’s INVELOX is successfully charging batteries at the very remote Palmyra Atoll location.