Montreal (Canada) – On 15 April in Montreal, Canada, the International Design Alliance (IDA) held an important event for the global advancement of design-based collaboration. Hosted by Taiwan Design Center (TDC) and presented under the theme Taipei Night, the event included the attendance of representatives from numerous international non-governmental organisations, brought together for the purpose of creating a forum to explore and promote the role of design and global humanitarian issues. Furthermore, Taipei Night served as a prelude to the inaugural 2011 IDA Congress, which will be held 24-26 October 2011 in Taipei, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei).

In partnership with Montreal International, the forum created an opportunity for the various international organisations located in Montreal to gain a unique insight into the value of design as a contributing factor in resolving global issues, as well as the benefits of collaboration between designers and fields with a stake in design.

TDC presented the 2011 IDA Congress concept and programme theme Design at the Edges:  meaning the edge between design practices and other fields having a stake in design; the edge between design disciplines, in particular the IDA Partner disciplines being industrial, communication and interior architecture/design (their similarities and their unique attributes); and cutting edge work and ideas in design and other fields that are radically new, controversial, experimental and push the boundaries of disciplines.

“Being able to discuss the value of design and design-based collaboration with representatives from numerous world bodies is a unique and exceptional opportunity” stated Dr. Mark Breitenberg, Chair of the 2011 IDA Congress Programme Committee. “Montreal International empowered us to engage the international non-governmental organisations community in Montreal, and continue to realise the IDA’s goals and vision as we approach the 2011 IDA Congress.”

2011 IDA Congress in Taipei

The inaugural IDA Congress will be an unprecedented gathering of thought leadership led by keynotes from influential experts that will explore the intersection between design and the five key subjects identified for their global relevance:

  • Economic Development 
    • Esko Aho (Prime Minister of Finland 1991-1995 & Executive Vice President of Corporate Relations and Responsibility at Nokia Corporation)
  • The Internet 
    • Barry Lam (Chairman & CEO of Quanta Computer Inc.)
  • Biotechnology
    • Vandana Shiva (Founder of the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology)
  • Urbanism
    • Peter Bishop (Deputy CEO & Group Director of Design, Development and Environment for the London Development Agency)
  • International Migration
    • Bob Elton (Chair of the Board of Directors for the Immigrant Employment Council of British Columbia, Executive Chair of Power Labs Inc.)

These five keynote addresses will introduce leading-edge thinking on the subject areas over the course of three mornings. A groundbreaking characteristic of the IDA Congress is its innovative format, in which each keynote address will be responded to by a panel of design innovators representing the disciplines of industrial, communication and interior architecture/ design.

This design-collaborative approach will serve to promote the value of design in a variety of subjects and examine tangible models in which design practices and approaches can bring benefits to world bodies, governments, business and society. For further details on the 2011 Congress, and information on ticket rates, accommodation and travel partners, visit


L-R: Mr. Soon-In Lee, 2009-2011 Icsid President-elect; Ms. Ece Ariburun, Instructor, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Product and Industrial Design, Istanbul Technical University; Mr. Russell Kennedy, 2009-2011 Icograda President; Prof. Alpay Er, Head of Department, Product and Industrial Design, Istanbul Technical University; Ms. Shashi Caan, 2009-2011 IFI President, Dr. Mark Breitenberg, 2009-2011 Icsid President; Ms. Pınar Ceyhun, FIGUR, Professional Conference Organiser; Ms. Berrak Karaca Şalgamcıoğlu, Research Assistant, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Product and Industrial Design, Istanbul Technical University. Photo: Rafael Mayor-Mora.

2013 IDA Congress in Istanbul

With Istanbul, Turkey having been recently unveiled as host city for the 2013 IDA Congress, representatives from the host organising committee attended the forum in Montreal, prior to the official event agreement signing ceremony of the rights to host the 2013 IDA Congress with the IDA Partners, Icsid, Icograda and IFI. Led by Prof. Alpay Er, Head of the Department of Industrial Product Design, Faculty of Architecture, at Istanbul Technical University (ITU), the host organising member from Istanbul representing the 2013 Congress organising committee, had the opportunity to convene with the IDA Executive Committee and initiate the planning of the second IDA Congress.

“The nature of the IDA Congress is one of interconnection between the alliance’s disciplines – industrial, communication and interior architecture/design – what they share in common and what sets them apart,” stated Icsid President Dr. Mark Breitenberg, on behalf of the IDA Executive Committee. “With Istanbul, the 2013 IDA Congress has an ideal host city whose diversity and rich history in design epitomises interconnection. The IDA is truly looking forward to working with the various organising committee members and partners in Istanbul for what will surely be a landmark event for design-based collaboration.”