Montreal (Canada) – The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) has revealed its new brand identity today, on World Industrial Design Day. The previously announced name change will take effect on 1 January 2017 when Icsid officially becomes the World Design Organization.

The new brand identity, which includes a new logo, was developed by Feed, an independent graphic design studio specialized in branding, publishing, and typeface design, in collaboration with long-time collaborator and branding consultant Marc-André Chaput.

The new name—along with a renewed vision and mission—was adopted by members at the last general assembly and reflects the organization’s desire to be more inclusive, echoing the evolution and interdisciplinary nature of the practice of industrial design today.

The word “industrial” is conspicuously missing from the organization’s new name and brand identity, leaving in its place a stroke symbolizing the increasing number of disciplines industrial designers must call upon to address complex issues that go beyond the simple design of products. Today’s industrial designers must channel their problem-solving expertise to improve not only how things work, but also the quality of life for people everywhere through better, more thoughtful, and human-centred design. To do so, they must consider multiple factors, including wider socio-economic, socio-cultural, technical, and ecological concerns addressed by the organization’s international programming: World Design Capital®, World Design Talks, World Design Impact Prize, World Industrial Design Day, and Interdesign.

World Industrial Design Day – Youth in Design

The unveiling of the new brand identity was planned to coincide with Icsid’s 59th anniversary, on 29 June, a date known as World Industrial Design Day (WIDD). The theme this year is “Youth in Design,” and events are being held around the world to celebrate the contribution young designers are making to the industry, and the power of industrial design to enhance our economic, social, cultural, and environmental quality of life.

The theme of Youth in Design for World Industrial Design Day 2016 is no coincidence. As Icsid transitions into the World Design Organization, it recognizes the need to reach out more proactively to members of the wider design community, including the next generation of designers.

An open letter signed by the Board of Directors reinforces the idea that design, combined with the energy and optimism of today’s socially conscious youth, can become the powerful catalyst we need as a society, and that it will be instrumental in creating a better world for all.

About the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design

The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) is an international non-governmental organization (INGO) founded in 1957 that promotes the profession of industrial design. Icsid recently approved a name change, World Design Organization, to be implemented and celebrated in 2017, its 60th anniversary year. Icsid advocates industrial design-driven innovation that creates a better world, engaging our more than 140 member organizations in collaborative efforts and carrying out international programming—World Design Capital®, World Design Talks, World Design Impact Prize, World Industrial Design Day, and Interdesign. Icsid has United Nations Special Consultative Status.

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Ms. Augie Van Biljouw
Director of Communications
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