Interdesign USSR 1980

Design for City Environment, Tbilisi (USSR, Currently Georgia)

6-8 October 1980

This Interdesign was a search for methods to build purposefully the environment of big cities in the face of urban growth and the increase of urban populations all over the world. Thirty-four experts attended the seminar from fourteen countries. Participants were charged with a task that was at the time, urgent for many cities around the world: to build an adequate living environment in new housing developments. More often than not, these developments were plagued by a lack of the organisation of open spaces, of functional organisation and of human scale; by inadequate equipment for vital processes; by repetitive developments, uneasy orientation, aesthetic poverty and inexpressive street furniture and equipment.


To focus on conceptualisation and design for a green area, public transport, usage and design of an outdoor space that is situated near home dwellings, and a central area which offers public services to citizens.

After a strenuous two-weeks of work, the participants submitted a general development concept and a master plan of the district, marked by a low-rise (2 to 4 storey) housing development of industrialised production.