It all begins with people. From the few who founded the organization in 1957 to the many who make up its member organizations today, we exist because of them.

The following pages list the dedicated individuals who through their contributions have advanced the profession of industrial design.

Board of Directors
WDO is governed by eleven honourary board members mandated to develop the organization, furthering its mission, and solidifying its role internationally.

The Senate consists of the organization’s past presidents who have agreed to serve in an honourary manner to support and advise the existing Board of Directors upon request.

Regional Advisors & Community Liaisons
Former board members may serve as Regional Advisors to strengthen WDO’s presence in their region. Community Liaisons may be nominated by board members for term-long appointments to provide an informed voice from a city, country or region.

WDO Secretariat

Secretariat Team
Under the direction of the Managing Director, the Secretariat Team manages the organization’s daily operations and programming.