Designers are crucial to the betterment of society. Using their unique approach and training to bring a human-centered approach to the development of useful products, enhanced experiences, or improved service delivery, they can address ever changing needs. World Design Challenges are an opportunity for designers to collaborate with peers in other disciplines and timezones on an initiative that can benefit from their immediate, focused support.

Held over two weeks, World Design Challenges are virtual Interdesign ® workshops that bring together volunteer groups of participants, facilitators and a leadership team that can be based in any region in the world. Equipped with “how might we” statements and supported by thought leaders, a World Design Challenge can accommodate anywhere from 40 to 250 designers. With daily check-ins and weekly playbacks, teams feel capable of achieving the ambitious objectives as a collective.

Through effective partnerships, WDO rallies the global design community to commit their time and expertise to explore relevant and pressing issues through the lens of design in order to propose relevant and impactful solutions.

To inquire about hosting a World Design Challenge, please contact